Oct 03, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

Vultures Mysteriously Avoid Latest Strange Cattle Mutilation in Oregon

“Although I had seen the photos, it was a discomforting experience – not just because of the inhumane damage to the cow, but the lack of any evidence. There was no sign of blood nor had any predators – and there are many in the area – done anything to the carcass.”

While horse and pony mutilations continue without resolution in France, Sweden and other parts of Europe, Oregon is becoming ground chuck zero for cattle mutilations in the U.S. The latest, investigated by Umatilla County Commissioner George Murdock, a cattle rancher himself, was both horrific and puzzling. Fee Stubblefield was inspecting his ranch outside of Ukiah (a tiny town in far northeast Oregon) on September 12 when he found the bloodless carcass on one of his cows with the skin around its mouth sliced off, its tongue, glands and sex organs removed and an ear cut off and placed on its neck. (Grisly photos here.)

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Did you look? Its pretty bad. Why can't they stop this?

This didn’t look like the work of a wild animal or an organ-harvesting space alien … except for one peculiarity. The Oregon State Police responded immediately and asked him to leave the carcass in the field with trail cameras set up to monitor it. No spaceships have landed, but there may be a reason why, according to the Capital Press.

“According to Stubblefield, that footage has revealed another disconcerting detail: predators and scavengers are avoiding and refusing to eat the carcass. Coyotes have approached the area but keep their distance, he said, and birds will land on the body briefly before flying away.”

One would think an autopsy should have been taken to determine what might cause scavengers to avoid fresh meat, but that’s apparently not how they roll in Oregon, even though this is just the latest of an epidemic of mysterious cattle mutilations in the state over the past year, including a mysterious one in August where the cow was found kneeling as if propped up.

Or praying someone stops these serial cow mutilations?

Good luck with that. Capital Press points out there were hundreds of similar mutilations – tongues and genitals removed – in the 1970s and the FBI never caught any culprits – rustlers, Satanists, aliens or otherwise. Stubblefield has his own theory.

“The Silvies Ranch lost several bulls last year and just this spring we lost a steer in this manner near Pilot Rock. These killings could be for ritual committed by someone with knowledge of our area.”

While it’s entertaining to blame extraterrestrials, it’s almost always cattle (in the U.S.), rarely more than a few organs and has been going on for years without resolution. Wouldn’t ETs capable of traveling light years be equally capable of abducting a variety of creatures, do their analysis quickly and spread the word universally that there’s no intelligent life on the wet blue orb?

cow 1287866 640
Would a lay-down strike help?

Which brings us back to what would seem to be obvious – why not do an autopsy to determine why the corpse was left alone by all other hungry animals and birds? Even humans eat old meat if it doesn’t smell too bad and they have enough ketchup. There are a few who believe these mutilations are being covered up by the government, possibly to secretly track the spread of known or experimental bovine diseases. If so, why leave most of the evidence behind? And why haven’t any ranchers reported strange cars, helicopters or aircraft? Beef is big business in the U.S. Could the ranchers themselves be in on the cover-up to preserve or grow their operations, which are being threatened by meatless beef or worse … tofu?

It’s always suspicious when there no autopsy after mysterious human deaths. These mysterious cattle deaths are no different.

Why no autopsy?

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