Oct 13, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

Witches Accused of Casting COVID-19 Spell on White House During Harvest Moon

There are many theories as to how the coronavirus entered the White House and infected dozens of people, including the President of the United States. One group not involved with debates, rallies, hospital stays and the like is suddenly getting an unusual amount of attention due to the date the president’s first positive test for the coronavirus. What group might it be?

“oh no not trump testing positive for COVID hours after every witch just completed their full moon ritual”

That tweet on October 2nd says it all – the president tested positive for COVID-19 on October 1, which was the date of the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox, making it a Harvest moon. The reddish-pumpkinish harvest moon normally falls in late September (after the 21st) and the full moon in October is generally called the Hunter’s Moon. The month of Halloween normally has only one full moon, making it special, but this month has two, with the second falling on Halloween, making it a blue moon and extra special for witches.

“trump getting Covid on the first of October during a full moon??? the witch girls are not SLICKKKK”

Gita Jackson over at Vice.com noticed a number of tweets pointing the finger at witches for the president contracting COVID-19 and wondered if indeed there was a connection. It’s no secret even outside of the witchy world that witches don’t like this president – in October of last year, witches around the world joined forces in casting a “binding spell” on him “so that his malignant works may fail utterly”. That’s just one of many, not surprising because of his frequent controversial actions, particularly in dealing with women, coinciding with a large increase in the number of people identifying themselves as pagan or Wiccan (some estimate 1.5 million).

“The dead are resurrected day and night without anyone knowing.”

Meanwhile, Kaitlyn Tiffany at The Atlantic found “creepy Trump memes” with somewhat satanic pictures coupled with either real Trump tweets or the Punjabi saying above. Tiffany believes that these memes are actually jokes, but notes that QAnon conspiracy theorist Samantha Marika told her 230,000 Twitter followers that these “satanic comments” were evidence of a “spiritual war.” Many of these appear in response to pro-Trump tweets and generate counter tweets exorcising the demons.

Does any of this actually mean anything?

Good question. Pamela Grossman, host of The Witch Wave podcast, tells Vice.com that the two October full moons are a powerful symbol that witches would obviously take advantage of. She also explains that hexes cause harm, while binding spells prevent it. If the White House COVID-19 was witch-caused, it could be either – cause harm to the president and his family or stop him from potentially doing harm to the country … or both. Grossman thinks that the president getting his first positive test on October 1st is both coincidental and ironic … but not witch caused or witch enhanced. She advises her fellow witches to do something else instead.

"If I could speak to every person practicing witchcraft right now, I would say that your spells are wonderful, but please also direct your energy to voting."

Good advice. But some witches may not be able to resist the upcoming blue moon of opportunity.

Paul Seaburn

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