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Zombie Clothing, Missing Planet, Deadly Licorice and More Mysterious News Briefly — October 28, 2020

Mysterious News Briefly -- October 28, 2020

A woman in Thailand dresses as a zombie to sell clothing of dead people in online videos and claims it has really helped her business. Would she refer to a pre-owned ski jacket as Down of the Dead?

Scientists studying a meteorite that fell into a frozen lake in Michigan in 2018 have determined that the carbon-containing molecules found in it are not Earth contaminants but definitely extraterrestrial in origin, thus strengthening the theory that life was brought to Earth from elsewhere. The scientists were lucky to find them before they could look around and decide to go back to their home planet.

Paleontologists in California and China have identified fossils found in Antarctica as belonging to a pelagornithid, the largest flying birds of all time that lived up to 56 million years ago and had wingspans of about 20 feet. It would be great to bring them back just to watch drivers panic when a flock of them flew over their cars.

Researchers at Microsoft and multiple universities have developed Capacitivo, a smart fabric system with contact-based recognition sensors that can detect food, drinks, and other objects based solely on touch. It can’t identity ingredients yet, so it’s still safe to put a sausage on it.

Volcon announced its new Volcon Grunt – an electric off-road motorcycle that can go so far off the road, it’s even capable of being ridden underwater. Get ready for a new underwater outlaw biker movie called “Squeegee Rider.”

The Los Angeles Fire Department is the first fire department in the U.S. to use the Robotics System 3 firefighting robot to fight fires in areas where human firefighters cannot go. Eleven more and they can have their own firefighters beefcake calendar too.

Toxicologists are warning people not to consume too much black licorice this Halloween after a man in Massachusetts overdosed on glycyrrhizin – the chemical that gives the candy its unique flavor but can be toxic and even fatal in high doses. Red licorice is safe but passing it out to trick-or-treaters expecting chocolate bars may still get your house egged.

A new study of photographs of Psyche, a large space object between Mars and Jupiter, shows more evidence that it’s the leftover metallic core of a mysterious planet that once existed in that spot before being blasted apart by a collision. If that’s the case, would a good name for the former planet Psyched Out? How about Planet Nein?

Secret internal emails show that SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet service will cost $99 per month after paying $499 for the “Starlink Kit” hardware. Ironically, rural residents who formerly had no Internet access at all will now have a high-speed link for sending complaints to Elon Musk about how the satellites are ruining their nighttime country sky.

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