Nov 03, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

A Bigfoot Museum Gets Government Seal of Approval

In “The Wizard of Oz,” the Scarecrow asked for a brain, but the wizard gave him something official that would prove to others that he was smart – a diploma. In the world of the paranormal, it’s nearly impossible to get government endorsement of any discoveries outside of a few UFO sightings. That changed recently for one woman in Nebraska who got government certification for her contribution to the field of cryptozoology. A diploma? A heart-shaped clock? A medal?

“On Tuesday, October 20 Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts proclaimed the day "Bigfoot Crossroads of Nebraska Day." As part of the proclamation, Rickets noted that the museum is the only bigfoot museum in the state.”

Accepting the award from Governor Rickets was Harriett McFeely, the owner of the museum, who was also officially named “Nebraska Bigfoot Lady.” The Kearney Hub also reports that her partner, Kenny Collins, was named “Nebraska Bigfoot Guy.” They own and operate the Bigfoot Crossroads of Nebraska Museum and Research Center in the town of Hastings in southern Nebraska. Until now, Hastings’ biggest claim to fame was Edwin Perkins, the man who invented Kool-Aid in 1927 and is honored with an annual Kool-Aid Days festival.

“They tie the knots with their fingers. There are two things to think about. First of all, they have kids and guess how big their fingers are when kids – they’re littler than mine.”

The award is great, but Harriet McFeely is already recognized as a Bigfoot expert. Back in August, she was called in to investigate a report that a Bigfoot had braided a frayed old flag in a cemetery. McFeely explained how the creatures could braid the manes of horses – something they’ve often been accused of – and could easily braid the flag. (Photo here.) The flag was later put on display at the Bigfoot Crossroads of Nebraska Museum and Research Center, which is no slouch when it comes to recognitions either. It has been featured by many organizations as a top Nebraska tourist destination, including by German Public Broadcasting. It’s also a big part of the annual International Bigfoot Conference, the “only Bigfoot Conference in the state of Nebraska.”

“Stop by for a visit some time – we would be honored to give you an updated tour as we have added more exhibits, and a new building to our museum.”

It’s a sign of the growing popularity of Bigfoot in the U.S. that the Bigfoot Crossroads of Nebraska Museum and Research Center was honored by the governor in the midst of an expansion of its facilities and exhibits. Will it one day be the place where definitive proof of the existence of the Sasquatch is finally unveiled? It would certainly be a good location for it. Will the proclamation get Harriet McFeely any free dinners at local establishments or a break when she’s stopped for speeding? It sounds like she’s not interested in extra benefits. As Kenny Collins always says:

“It’s not glorification, it’s about education.”

She ought to at least get some free Kool-Aid.

Paul Seaburn

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