Just about the weirdest you can get when looking at encounters with strange entities are those of apparent reptilian humanoids, or "Lizard Men." Such cases go way beyond bizarre and are often too odd to even properly classify as one thing or another. All such reports are surreal and outlandish, but some of them really manage to lodge themselves firmly into the absurd, and here we will look at a selection of some of the completely off-the-rails reptilian lizard man reports I have come across.

From the site Phantoms and Monsters, always a wellspring of bizarre reports, comes a case from a witness calling himself Robert Ballard, who claims to be a truck driver based in Lancaster, California. He says that in May of 2002 he was on a run through the rural area of Yuma, Arizona, when he decided to make a stop at exit 140 along Interstate 8 at around 4:30 in the morning, out in an area surrounded by dark nothingness. He explains of what happened:

I pulled off the exit ramp there and I had my high beams on and I noticed a figure to the left side of the exit ramp, a tall dark figure on the left side of the exit ramp, so I went to the right side of the exit ramp, slowed down, stopped and turned off my headlights. I could see a large humanoid figure standing there holding a carcass of some sort in its hand. It dropped the carcass on the ground, turned around and looked at me for 4 or 5 seconds and then started walking over towards my truck. I said, Holy F***! I locked the door on my truck. Made sure it was locked and it was approaching the window of my truck. It stopped about 2 feet from the window of my truck. Its head was as high as the window of my truck. I'm driving a conventional so the window is about 7 feet off the ground. The head of this being was slightly above the head of the window. So it had to be at least 7 feet tall, 7 foot 2. That vicinity.


So I reached up and grabbed my camera out of the storage department and turned the camera towards the window and it was looking at me through the window. Just as I was moving the camera over, it turned on a bright light right at my face. It was so bright I couldn't look at it, so I took my camera and flashed a picture at it. The being, creature, stepped back as if slightly startled for a second. Then it kinda gave me an oddball grinning expression, looked at me a couple more seconds, turned its head and when it turned its head, I got a real good look at its profile, of its skull and head and it had started walking away along the left front of my truck. As it was walking away, I turned on my headlights and I got a real good look at its backside and its legs and then I saw what it was walking towards.

The witness says that since the sun was then beginning to peek up over the horizon he could sort of make out what the strange humanoid was headed towards, something that looked like a black mass. The humanoid walked right up to this dark object and disappeared inside, which prompted the witness to train his spotlight on it to reveal a texture on the outside like “the side wall of a tomb.” The witness says of what happened next:

Then it started to rise up off the ground. Made no sound. It got up about 10 to 15 feet above the ground. The vehicle vetted out some red stuff. I could see red stuff shooting out from the back and sides. Then I could see it was a triangle shape. I could see underneath it and it had three tiny marker lights on each corner of the triangle, dull red light in the middle. It accelerated away and was out of sight in about 3 seconds. When it had rose up, it was silhouetted against the morning sun. It was making the sky bright enough to see it was a triangle shaped vehicle. I had never seen anything like it.


So what happened is, I waited about 5 minutes when I knew the being and the vehicle was gone. I unlocked the door. I had my camera with me. I had 5 pictures left on the camera. Got out of the truck and walked across the street of the exit ramp to see what this being had dropped on the side of the exit ramp and when I got over there I shined the flashlight on it. I was surprised that it was a carcass of some kind. Looking at the hooves, I could tell it was a deer. The deer's head was bit clean off and it had discolored fur around its neck. The inside of the deer, the chest cavity, was all completely removed. Its internal organs were all ripped out to the back of the spine. The internal cavity was burned out.

Another far-out report from Phantoms and Monsters revolves around a Romanian General Emil Streinu, who is supposedly “the Advisor of the Romanian Parliament on unconventional issues and asymmetrical threats - Director of The Special Situations and Research Center on UFOs and Psihotronics - Founder of the Association for the Study of Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena and author of several of esoteric publications.” Streinu would allegedly contact the author and UFO researcher Aryan Hava, to who he would relate a truly bizarre encounter made by his friend and colleague, who remains anonymous but is described as also a military figure, a high ranking officer specialized in commando warfare. According to Streinu, this happened in the remote Retezat Mountains, and the report says:

This high ranking officer, let's call him "Colonel X", was driving back from a short camping trip, which he took alone in the mountains. He was close to Bucharest when he noticed that he was low on gas...so he pulled into a small rural gas station. It was 5:00 - 5:10 AM, so nobody was around. Colonel X noticed a khaki Hummer with black windows parked outside the gas station with the engine on, but nobody around it. After filling up his tank, he paid and walked back to his SUV. He then noticed that the driver's door of the Hummer was opened and inside it he saw a reptilian being. The reptilian had no clothes but it was wearing military boots...it was entirely covered with green scales (like a crocodile) and had a lizard-type crest on the head. The reptilian saw Colonel X, then he got out of the Hummer, while still staring at him. He directed some sharp sounds at someone from inside the car, this time looking irritated, then got back at the wheel and quickly drove away. The car had no license plates, either on the front or back.


Colonel X estimated the reptilian to be 2.00m (78.7 inches) high, with yellow eyes and cat type slits. The Colonel looked around to see if someone else had witnessed the event, but he was alone. Then he noticed the gas station's video camera. Unfortunately, the attendant told him that the camera was "just for decoration" and had no practical use, other than scare any potential robbers. Thinking that this was a very well played hoax, he got back into the car and continued his journey. After several miles he was still very upset by the events, when he saw the same Hummer with all four doors opened. On the shoulder he noticed two dark green reptilians that seemed to be arguing. The second reptilian was 15-20 cm (5,9 - 7,9 inches) higher than the first one. It wasn't wearing clothes or boots and had lizard-type feet and unlike the first one, it also had a tail. On the street, trucks were passing by in both directions and the drivers were pointing at the creatures, but nobody pulled over. Then, Colonel X got his mobile phone out and took several photographs of the reptilians who seem oblivious to the situation.


After 3-5 minutes, the two reptilians got back into the Hummer and drove back, at high speed, in the direction they initially came from. The Colonel looked again at the pictures from his mobile phone and rushed for Bucharest in order to contact General Streinu and together decide what to do with the astonishing pictures. Back in Bucharest, the phone clearly showed 11 pictures, but all of them were completely green. Together with General Streinu, they headed to a phone service company that couldn't help them either. It was like the Colonel photographed a bright green light. For two weeks they analyzed the story in great detail and searched for witnesses, but all efforts ended up in failure.

Another very strange report comes from the 1950s, by a woman who claims her great aunt had told her of this experience. One day she was visiting this great-aunt, who lived on a rural farm in the Southern United States, and asked why she always sat out on the deck with a fully loaded shotgun near at hand, and that was when the elderly woman told of a truly terrifying experience she had had in the 50s. She told her that one evening their dogs and farm animals had suddenly all gone nuts, restless, panicked, and making a racket outside. Dogs were barking, pigs were squealing, and it was just an utter cacophony of noise, making her think that something was very wrong. She then says she grabbed her shotgun and headed outside to check it out, and that was when she would come face to face with something that would change her forever. The woman says of her great-aunt’s rather dramatic account:

She didn’t see it immediately, but when she looked toward the barn (and there was a big pond on the side of the barn), she saw a ‘frogman’ as she called it, coming up from the side of the barn. It was walking toward her. It wasn’t that tall. She stood maybe five foot four inches. It was a little bit taller than her. He had webbed hands, and it was walking straight to her. She yelled to it to stop, but it kept walking. She stepped of the porch with her double barrel shotgun and she shot it dead. The blood of the reptilian was green. Her husband heard the shotgun go off. He came outside. They were elderly at this point. When he stepped of the porch, she said “Look I killed something, I killed something, and it is not human.” They walked out there to the side of the barn. She and her husband buried the thing. We asked where was it? She said that they buried it right where they killed it, near the barn. After they buried it, the animals got quiet again. Her husband told her not to tell anybody that story.

The story doesn’t even end there, as a month later she says that her and her husband saw a blue UFO fly over their house and land nearby, after which more of those frog-like creatures came out and headed towards the barn where their fallen comrade was buried. The lady would say of what happened next:

They came out of the ship, and they went straight to the mound where they had buried this thing. They put their hands over the ground. This dead frogman thing, that she had killed, came out of the ground. It wasn’t alive, it was dead. They took that thing, and they put in on the ship. Then they went over to the pond, and they raised up their hands and a space ship came out of the pond. That pond was bigger than a regular size pond. It was almost the size of a small lake. They looked at them (the great-aunt and her husband) but didn’t say or do anything. They went back on the ship and zoomed back into the sky. That is why she always kept her double barrel shotgun always next to her. Even when she went to the chicken coop, or anywhere else, she always kept her shotgun with her because they might come back.

What was this bizarre thing? An alien or something else? Another very odd encounter comes to us from 1993, from a witness who says this happened at Atlantic Coast Beach, in the United States, where one evening she was out for a leisurely stroll. There had been no one else around at the time, and she thought she was alone until she noticed a group of people some distance up the beach. At this point she thought nothing of it, and just kept walking, drawing ever nearer to those people and slowly realizing that there was something very off about them. The first thing she noticed was that they were all bald and they had on unusual attire for the beach, which was composed of camouflage tan and green military BDUs and tan vests with many pockets, and as she got closer still she could see that these figures were not human. She says:

Though their general appearance was humanoid and they walked on two legs, they were clearly not human; their skin was mostly green and they moved with a sharp, keen alertness more akin to the movement of nervous iguanas. I could see that they were all male and apparently soldiers of some sort. We stared at each other. I could clearly discern their reptilian appearance, their reluctance to approach me, the hesitation, and the nervousness. It felt dangerous. The reptilian leading the group came forward, toward me, and I continued walking at my regular pace toward him. Our eyes connected and did not disengage during the entire incident. I remained alert and aware throughout the event. The remainder of his group stayed behind. He and I continued to approach each other until we were less than one yard apart. He stood at least six foot tall, medium build, no hair, eyes the same size as mine but a brightly colored yellow with dark vertical slits, and his skin was rough and scaly with a greenish-brown hue.

This is already pretty outlandish enough as it is, but it manages to get even weirder still, as the reptilian then is claimed to have made some sort of telepathic contact with the witness. She says of this:

As we looked intently into each other’s eyes, I knew he was accessing a computer bank in his mind; one that was not his individual database, but a group mind sharing the same knowledge. Quite suddenly, his expression changed (and I first saw this in his eyes) to one of contemptuous tolerance. In other words, there was some reason he was forced to tolerate my presence, but he was not happy about it. Accessing that database in his mind gave him the information he sought and then he knew me by name. With recognition, he said, “Oh. Hello Bonnie,” and we shook hands while he frowned contemptuously. My eyes never left his and his eyes never left mine. I smiled, as I always do, and turned around to walk away. He also turned back to his group and they walked up the beach away from me.

Reports such as these represent the weird of the weird, the fringe of the fringe, and even those in the fields of the paranormal, ufology, and cryptozoology are liable to raise an eyebrow or two at such stories. Yet these kinds of outlandish accounts still exist out there, and invite a certain amount of speculation as to what could be behind them. Are these alien entities, shapeshifters, demons, interdimensional interlopers, or simply firmaments of the imagination? Why is the phenomenon of reptilian humanoids so prevalent? There is no way to know, and such reports manage to elude us, floating out in the outer reaches of the bizarre.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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