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Antarctic Fruitcake, Slingshot Tongues, Yellow Turtles and More Mysterious News Briefly — November 6, 2020

Mysterious News Briefly -- November 6, 2020

The Indian Forest Service reports the finding of an extremely rare yellow flapshell turtle in a village pond in West Bengal, and explain that the mutation is due to the lack of the pigment tyrosine. There would probably be more but apparently some predators pretend they’re cheese for their fish sandwiches.

Ants secrete formic acid from their butts as a weapon against predators but a new study found they also lick their rears after eating so the acid kills germs and parasites in their guts. What took longer – getting the flexibility to lick their own butts or getting over the “Ewww!” factor?

Antarctic explorers recently discovered a piece of traditional English fruitcake in its original wrapper left behind by British explorer Robert Falcon Scott during his 1910 to 1913 Terra Nova expedition. The area where it was found is home to over 400,000 Adeline penguins, proving that even penguins won’t eat fruitcake.

An iceberg the size of Cyprus is on a collision course with the remote South Atlantic island of South Georgia, which is home to large colonies of penguins and seals. There’s nothing anyone can do to stop the collision and save the penguins and seals, but it might help if Celine Dion records a song for them.

Twitter has permanently suspended the account of the conspiracy theorist David Icke for violating its rules regarding coronavirus misinformation with his discredited theory that it is linked to the rollout of the 5G mobile network. Luckily, he probably has accounts in the other dimensions he lives in.

A Bitcoin wallet that had no activity for years was suddenly emptied this week by someone who removed $964,000,000. Since it’s Bitcoin, no one knows it was the owner, a hacker or someone who lost a really big bet on the election.

Two British companies are set to launch the world’s largest drone – a hydrogen powered craft with a 200-foot wingspan that will fly in the stratosphere and blanket the UK with 5G connectivity. That sound you hear is Elon Musk sobbing.

Engineers at Tel Aviv University have developed a system that lets people see colors in the infrared spectrum through a camera lens. Sounds like the perfect gift for friends who have never tried psychedelics.

Scientists have discovered a 99 million-year-old species of amphibians known as albanerpetontids that appear to be the first animals ever to have “slingshot” or “ballistic” tongues that shoot out to catch their prey. It must have been frustrating to these amphibians to drag around those long tongues until they figured out a use for them.

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