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Diamond Soap, Superbolts, Day Zero and More Mysterious News Briefly — November 24, 2020

Mysterious News Briefly -- November 24, 2020

Truffle fans in Australia may want to start some ‘Be kind to Swamp Wallaby’ programs after researchers reveal that the marsupials spread truffle spores by eating and pooping them, and their decreasing numbers may spell doom to the truffles. Won’t the knowledge that truffles were once swamp wallaby poop kill the market first?

Physicist and cosmologist Abraham Loeb is back on the ‘fast radio burst come from aliens’ bandwagon with a new paper suggesting that FRBs are actually artificial light beams created to power alien light sails through space to other stars. Who else would be disappointed to find out alien civilizations technology is no better than ours?

Two new studies offer proof that superbolts – rare lightning bolts that are up to 1,000 times brighter than average and produce at least 100 gigawatts of power — actually exist and are caused by superclouds that are positively charged, not negatively like those generating conventional lightning. Fire up the DeLorean, Doc Brown!

Giant solar power stations floating in space and beaming down energy to Earth may finally become a reality with a report that the European Space Agency is looking to fund the first industrial space resource to create “beamed power”. Let’s hope they working on aiming these things or we could all end up like ants under the magnifying glass of a mean kid.

Evolution believers have always accepted that there was one tiny animal that all animals evolved from, but two teams of scientists recently determined that the molecular fossils found in 635-million-year-old rocks once believed to be those animals are actually just common algae that the animals evolved from. This is going to look really bad on an evolutionary bumper sticker.

Boris Johnson announced the formation of the British Space Command – a UK version of the US Space Force. If the Space Force emblem looks like the Star Trek logo, will the Space Command’s look like the Tardis?

If President Trump decides to veto the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) because lawmakers won’t remove an amendment to rename military bases named after Confederate leaders, it will also kill UFO disclosure by a government task force that would receive funding to investigate and disclose information about unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs). Would it help if there was a photo of a flying saucer with a Confederate flag?

A family-owned factory in Lebanon dating back to the 15th century sells the world’s most expensive bar of soap – a bar containing gold and diamond powder with a price tag of $2,800. How much does that make customer armpit hair worth?

South African scientists are so worried about a Day Zero -- the day there’s not enough fresh water for every person on Earth – occurring by the end of the century that they’re proposing geoengineering the planet by launching tiny particles into the upper atmosphere to dim the ground, reduce global temperatures and reverse climate change. It’s also called Day Zero because that’s the chance of getting everyone to agree to do it.

Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida is replacing human guards with semi-autonomous robotic dogs that will patrol the grounds and provide security. Who would have thought that Rin Tin Tin would one day actually be tin?


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