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Glowing Europa, Cosmic Bubbles, Chili Therapy and More Mysterious News Briefly — November 10, 2020

Mysterious News Briefly -- November 10, 2020

Beyond Elon Musk and Tesla, researchers are working to build cars that ditch the heavy batteries and instead making the car’s body serve as its own battery by using structural lithium-ion batteries made from thin layers of carbon fiber or zinc. Will driving with the window down and your arm resting on it cause you hair to stand on end?

Researchers have modeled how vipers, pythons, boas and other snakes use an infrared vision sixth sense to locate their prey and may one day be able to use the same technique to build soft, flexible thermoelectric transducers instead of the hard crystal kind. If this can give humans nighttime vision for hunting snakes, it could make the pythons and boas now overrunning Florida very angry.

A new theory claims that dark matter was created by boiling bubbles of plasma in the cosmic soup of the early universe. There’s a two-fer – Cosmic Soup and Boiling Bubbles of Plasma are both great names for bands.

Three manatees named Pepe, Juana and Lupita that were kept years in the Dominican Republic’s National Aquarium have been nursed back to health, reoriented to living in their natural environment and will soon be released back into the ocean. The toughest part may be to get the other manatees to still call them Pepe, Juana and Lupita.

Astronomers say everyone’s favorite Jovian moon Europa glows in the dark due to its salty water ice being constantly bombarded with energetic electrons from Jupiter’s intense magnetic field. Should Motel 6 see if NASA is interested in its “We’ll keep the light on for you” slogan?

If you’ve ever wondered why massive stars tend to be found all alone while massive star clusters contain nothing but small stars, astronomers have determined it’s because they were once in the clusters but the smaller stars ganged up and combined their gravities to throw them out. Bullying of the overweight at the cosmic level?

It’s official, pepper lovers – doctors have determined that regularly eating chili peppers could provide previously unrecognized health benefits, and chili eaters have a “significantly reduced risk of dying from cardiovascular disease or cancer.” That’s assuming one doesn’t die running to the refrigerator for cold milk.

The giant sunspot AR2781, currently aimed at Earth, produced a C5 solar flare that caused a 20-minute blackout of shortwave radio communications over Australia and the Indian Ocean, affecting sailors, aviators, radio amateurs and anyone communicating at frequencies below 10 MHz. Oh 2020 … when will you be over?

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