Nov 28, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

Haunted B&B For Sale in Greensboro, Pennsylvania

Looking for an affordable haunted bed-and-breakfast you can open just in time for the mass influx of pent-up paranormal fans anxious to get out after the pandemic scare and get back to some good old-fashioned ghost scares? The haunted Captain’s Watch Inn in Greensboro, Pennsylvania, is on the market and priced to sell – ghosts included.

“This beautiful 1858 built home w/ adjacent 2nd house sits along the picturesque banks of the Monongahela River. It has been lovingly restored and updated (incl. electric and plumbing). Most recently operated as a B&B, there are 6 full suite bedrooms, each with its own fireplace and bath (one suite is 2 BR) and an owner's quarters with 1/2 bath.”

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette announced the sale of The Captain’s Watch Inn, listed with Suzanne Frank of Park Place Realty Group. Bill McCormick has owned the place for 22 years and did a complete remodeling of the single-family mansion himself after buying it from the Army Corps of Engineers. (Plenty of photos here.) The first floor has two dining rooms, a pub and a library for socializing. guests to lounge and socialize. McCormick claims the B&B did well before the pandemic due to its close proximity to West Virginia University.

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Where are the ghosts? (Not the inn but still scary looking.)

That’s all very interesting, but what about the ghosts?

Greensboro is they type of small, historical towns that you just know are haunted. Located in southwestern Pennsylvania on the west bank of the Monongahela River, it was originally a settlement of the Mingo tribes of the Northern Iroquois with a name that in Mingo means “Delight." After being settled by European invaders, the name was changed to Greensboro in honor of the Revolutionary War general Nathanial Greene. A group of German glassblowers was convinced to settle there and Greensboro quickly became a center for glassmaking and stoneware. At that time, the house was known as the Crawford House and was the residence of the manager of the Greensboro Pottery Kilns. The system of locks and dams used by the industries were eventually taken over by the Army Corps of Engineers, which also acquired the Crawford house.

Are the ghosts engineers, Native Americans, Crawfords, Nathaniel Greene or someone else?

“Ghost hunters descended on the place in packs with all their woofers and tweeters and ecoplasm machines. They couldn’t tell me who they were or why they were here.”

McCormick had heard about the house being haunted and advertised that in the bed-and-breakfast brochures and website: “The resident ghost's tale available on request.” The consensus seems to be two ghosts, an older man and a younger one. An audio tape recorded what sounds like a voice saying “Hi there, good-looking,” but that didn’t really help – although it probably eliminates a Native American. Is it a horny general back from the war and looking for a good time? A former guest sent a photo taken at the inn with a ghostly person that looks like a woman – but it also looks like it could be a double-exposure. McCormick goes with “ghost.”

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Greensboro is near Mather, which is said to be haunted by local miners; Scenery Hill, the home of the haunted Century Inn; and Mill Run, home of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater and a ghost that may be the depressed wife of the philandering Edgar J. Kaufmann, owner of the Kaufmann's department store chain. So, if the guests of The Captain’s Watch Inn don’t see any ghosts in their room, there’s plenty nearby to search for.

At $310,000, The Captain’s Watch Inn sounds like a ghostly bargain.

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