Dec 01, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

Knocking Ghosts Terrorize Malaysian Village

"The knocking sound was loud as if someone wanted to get into the house quickly. When I peeked out the window, I did not see who was knocking. A few minutes later, the knock came back and it came from the bathroom in the house. Coincidentally, the bathroom has not been used for a long time, so my whole body shivered and my hair ruffled as soon as I heard the knock."

This sounds like the opening scene of a horror movie … but it’s an actual report of a knocking ghost encounter being repeated by many residents of Sabak, a coastal town in the Sabak Bernam District of Malaysia. The palm oil plantation center is growing and doesn’t need stories of ghosts tarnishing its image, yet multiple Malaysian media sources reported the strange incidents recently that no local officials have been able to explain, while the police say the large number of them rules out pranksters.

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Did you hear a knock?

"It is understood that almost half of the villagers complained about the incident (knock on the door). I advise them to be careful and not open the door if they hear suspicious sounds."

The chairman of the Kampung Batu 37 Darat Village Community Management Council (MPKK), Muhammad Nazri Saiman, warns residents to stay inside if they hear the knock, but he has no answer for Mhd Khairol Anuar Mhd Zaini, who claimed to hear the knocking coming from INSIDE his house – something worthy of a proper horror movie scream, not just shivers. My Metro reports that the knocking has spread to the villages of Batu 38, Kampung Tengah, and Kampung Banting. These are not just faint tapping sounds either – the YouTube site JeJo uploaded a video claimed to have been taken by a resident (watch it here) that clearly sounds like a knock of urgency. The video and posts on Facebook and Whatsapp let those hearing the knocks that they were not alone.

"We have taken action by conducting patrols involving MPKK volunteers from 10pm to 3am around this village."

The knockings generally occur at night, so it makes sense that local officials will have patrols out during those hours and recommend residents call the police rather than confront the knocker – whatever it might be. While the numbers seem to eliminate pranksters – they’re either need to be extremely fast or a well-organized mob – no other explanations have been given. Obviously, the main knockers of the spirit world are poltergeists with their ability to create physical manifestations. In Malay culture, the primary ghost is the djinn, followed by the hantu or spirits of the recently deceased. With the abundance of shamans, it’s believed by many that both are summoned by shamans.

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If you cant beat 'em, try scaring them away.

All of this is little consolation to residents of these villages just wanting to relax after work, watch TV and get some uninterrupted sleep. Is this a case of mass hysteria? Pranksters gone wild? Ghosts gone wilder? This writer hopes they get an answer and thanks them for a great opening line for his next screenplay:

“A few minutes later, the knock came back and it came from the bathroom in the house.”

Paul Seaburn

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