Nov 10, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

Make Room, Nessie — Bigfoot Reported in Strange Scottish Forest

Loch Ness, Inverness and their mythical monster get all of the publicity and tourist dollars, but those looking for a budget paranormal excursion once the pandemic travel restrictions are lifted would do well to consider the Cloddymoss area of Moray, Scotland, in the Culbin Forest, a mere 25 miles east of Loch Ness. It has mysterious ghosts lights, UFO sightings, witches, shadowy figures and a recent encounter with a salmon-throwing Bigfoot. Why would a Sasquatch waste a good fish when there are plenty of rocks to throw at intruders? That’s England!

“He saw a very 'large dark shape' which stopped when it saw him and It turned back into the forest. When he described the height of this shape It was approx 7ft tall. It happened too fast for him to get a photograph of it, and it was over in a matter of seconds. Then last night as he was walking the dog he had a large salmon thrown at him, but he couldn't see the thrower. He said all was totally silent out in the forest, there were no bird sounds, no small animals, nothing.”

British bigfoot researcher Deborah Hatswell told the Daily Star of a strange encounter reported to her by a relative of the dog-walking fish target – an encounter she describes in greater detail on her blog. Hatswell is the founding member of the British Bigfoot Research Team and a longtime, respected researcher, which is why the unnamed relative-of-a-witness contacted her. The location of the encounter isn’t close to a body of water, but the relative speculated it could have been dropped by an osprey. However, that doesn’t explain the loud noises, shadowing figure, terrified pets and other strange parts of the experience. The relative also mentions a “very strange woman” who lives near the location and “has taken to putting up hides and cameras in the woods and has even put up a notice warning people to keep out.” Could she be a Bigfoot hoaxer? It’s also near where the famous Felicity the Puma was captured, lending the possibility that the creature could have been an alien big cat.

Hatswell makes the case for it being a British Bigfoot or Hairy Man with some other encounters in the area, including the “Clava Cairns Hairy Man” in 2015, and the “Nairn Valley Big Hairy Thing” seen multiple times in 2015 which included incidents of fish stealing by the creatures. She also points out that hikers and explorers in Culbin Forest have found bones stuck high in trees, tree logs standing upright in paths, unusual arrangements of sticks and stones, and more sightings.

“Even the forest itself has a haunting feel to it. The lost village of Culbin Sands lies buried beneath it. The entire town disappeared during a super storm of unrelenting wind and waves that arrived in the autumn of 1694.”

Is there something paranormal about Culbin Forest itself? While the disappearance of the village is blamed on a storm, there was talk about witches and Satan worshipers. In modern times, there are sightings of ghost planes attributed to pilots downed there during World War II. Then there’s the mysterious ghost lights. (Video here.) The orbs are reported annually between September and January and are blamed on UFOs, ships, poachers, swamp gas, ghosts, campers, planes and more, without any one cause being confirmed as the source.

What about a fish-throwing British Bigfoot with a flashlight? If anyone can determine what the Culbin Forest dogwalker encountered, it’s Deborah Hatswell and the British Bigfoot Research Team. Or you. Plan your next paranormal trip to the Cloddymoss area and search for yourself. Nessie can wait.

Paul Seaburn

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