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Potent Pot, Scent Museum, Hermes in a Sewer and More Mysterious News Briefly — November 18, 2020

Mysterious News Briefly — November 18, 2020

Toyota has patented an autonomous refueling drone tanker vehicle that, when called, will drive to your location and refuel our car with gasoline tank, hydrogen fuel or electricity while you wait. It’s not available yet, so put down the phone and start walking to the gas station.

For the first time ever, a jet pilot flying in a real aircraft while wearing an AI helmet with a display in front of his face fought a simulated dogfight with virtual reality enemy plane, a Chinese stealth fighter jet. Was his avatar Tom Cruise?

A new study comparing marijuana samples over a 50-year period found that THC concentrations in herbal cannabis increased by 14% from 1970 to 2017. As the old saying goes, if you can remember how strong pot was in the 70s, you really weren’t there.

An Oxford Internet Institute study on video games found that people who played Nintendo’s Animal Crossing and EA’s Plants vs Zombies for four hours a day every day reported feeling significantly happier than people who don’t. that happiness usually ends when your parents come in and tell you to get a job and move out.

Sewer workers in Athens, Greece, discovered a large ancient bust of the Greek god Hermes that was in remarkably good condition considering where it was found. Hermes was the protector of the dead traveling to the underworld, so the workers may want extra pay to go any farther into that sewer.

In Italy, an astrophysicist and a neurosurgeon investigated the similarities between the universe of galaxies and the network of neuronal cells in the human brain and concluded that they are similar in their levels of complexity and self-organization. Don’t be surprised when future astronauts ask a neurosurgeon which part of the brain controls sex and then travel to the cosmic equivalent.

A study by researchers at the University of Exeter Medical School found that it’s easier for people to quit smoking when they live in areas surrounded by grass and trees. Does it help if the trees and grass have ‘No Smoking’ signs?

The ODEUROPA project is team of historians, scientists, artificial intelligence experts and perfumers who plan to identify, describe and recreate the aromas of Europe from the 16th to the 20th century using a ‘computer nose’ able to trace scents and olfactory experiences” to build the world’s first historical encyclopedia of scent that will be open to the public. Beer, cheese, cigarette, sausage and fish will probably have their own individual wings.

NASA scientists using computer models to generate a COVID-free 2020 for comparison have confirmed that pandemic restrictions since February have significantly reduced pollution, including a drop in global nitrogen dioxide concentrations by nearly 20 percent. No, this doesn’t mean you can take off your mask.


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