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Regenerating Gators, Irish Dinosaurs, Ayahuasca Benefits and More Mysterious News Briefly — November 25, 2020

More Mysterious News Briefly -- November 25, 2020

A security researcher team in Belgium demonstrated how to hack into a Tesla Model X by overwriting the firmware of the car’s key fob via a Bluetooth connection and drive away in under 90 seconds. “Wait … what?” said the crew of the ISS.

The U.S. Army is developing an advanced new technology tool that will confuse enemy tracking systems by disguising a soldier’s electronic signal as something else. How about changing it to Rambo?

A new study found that Asian honey bees and other social insects create and share an "I See You" (ISY) signal that is picked up by invading hornets and deters them from attacking. Do younger Asian honey bees says “Peek-a-boo” first?

Ireland was believed to be dinosaur free until two fossil bones were discovered on the east coast of County Atrium and confirmed recently to be from two completely different Jurassic Era dinosaurs -- a four-legged plant-eating Scelidosaurus and a two-legged meat-eater similar to a Sarcosaurus. Was this lack of dinosaurs due to Ireland’s isolation or a prehistoric St. Patrick?

The Cambridge University Library reports that two of Charles Darwin's 1837 notebooks containing his ideas on evolution and his famous "Tree of Life" sketch are missing and believed to have been stolen. By a creationist looking for loopholes?

As a way to teach his college course in fluid dynamics with all of his students stuck at home away from the lab with all of the proper equipment, a professor at Brown University instead has them mix up a batch of pancake batter, pour it on a flat surface and measure its rate of spread or viscosity. Do they get extra credit if the pancakes are edible? (Asking for a future student.)

Just like many smaller lizards, a new study found that young American alligators have the ability to regrow their tails up to 9 inches or 18% of their total body length. Good news for alligators and Cajun restaurants on a tight budget.

Solar photographer Philippe Tosi has discovered a new sunspot called AR2786 that could swallow the Earth but is instead turning to face the planet and will soon be firing electronics-disrupting geoeffective flares at us. Have you started a second 2020 Disasters bingo card yet?

Ayahuasca fans will like this – researchers recently discovered that the psychoactive drug stimulated the growth of new brain cells in the hippocampi of research mice, improving their scores on memory tests. Great news … although not everyone wants better memory of the nausea and diarrhea ayahuasca causes.

After finding out that kidney donors had mismatched blood types, doctors at Houston Methodist hospital performed a logistically complex 10-way organ transplant swap which saved the lives of five people. Will this inspire medical schools to teach complicated football handoff plays?

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