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24.23 – MU Podcast – Magic Carpet Rock Ride

Where does the paranormal really reside? Is it internal to the human mind, external or some chimeric blend of the two? Those who have travelled to Psi inducing regions throughout the globe and have experienced the induction of unusual phenomena suggest it comes from the depths of the human experience itself. From flying carpet rocks, deranged possessing tulpas, canyon entities and so much more, nothing in beyond the limits of this fascinating conundrum.

Then in our Plus+ extension we view the new research into the history of human civilisation and how it is far older than conventional wisdom suggests. Hippos in Yorkshire, flash frozen Mammoths, falling skies and the alignments of sacred buildings all form a greater theory that history is missing more than can be imagined. We also give a great deal of attention to the enthralling history of molluscs…


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