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Bizarre Paranormal Mysteries at Romania’s Mystical Bucegi Mountains

One of the most beautiful natural attractions in Romania are the Bucegi Mountains, or “The Chosen Mountains.” They sprawl out along the eastern edge of the Southern Carpathians, along the upper course of the Prahova Valley in central Romania, looming 5,900 to 8,200 feet over the surrounding landscape, and are renowned for their majestic beauty and abundance of wildlife, some of which is found nowhere else on earth. A national park and protected area, the mountains are a top destination for tourists from all over Europe, who come here for the vast scenic vistas, hiking, and other myriad outdoor activities on offer. This is also a land steeped in legend and mysteries, and here we can find all manner of strange tales of UFOs and the paranormal.

One of the more well known of the many mysteries of the Bucegi Mountains is that of an old stone outcropping looking remarkably like a human face, apparently formed by wind erosion, which is called The Sphinx. Located on a plateau at 7,270 feet above sea level and measuring 26 feet high and 40 feet wide, the formation is near another curious group of oddly formed rocks called the Bebele, or “Old Women,” which look like hunched over human silhouettes, and it is in this area where a strange phenomenon is said to occur every year on November 28. It is said that on this day the sunlight congeals around the Sphinx in such a way as to form an “energy pyramid.” It is believed that to bathe in the light of this pyramid will have vast restorative and healing effects, to the point that it can even cure serious diseases such as cancer, and it is a story that has gained a lot of traction. There are apparently numerous people who swear by this, with many reports of those who have allegedly been cured of all manner of injury and ailment, and every year on this day there is a large crowd of people who come for this, not only gullible dreamers, but also professionals and even doctors.

The Bucegi Mountains

The idea behind the energy pyramid of the Sphinx is that this place is located on some sort of energy vortex, and there are other sites within the Bucegi Mountains that allegedly have similar effects. One is a trail called “the silver belt of the world,” which is a rugged, difficult route that takes a grueling 8 hours through remote wilderness to get through, yet those who make the hike claim that they are restored and energized after the hike, even cured of illness or injury, and there are even those who claim to have been so imbued with mystical energy that they are charged with something akin to static electricity. Some people have even claimed that they are so juiced up with energy from travelling through that their hands can actually cause burns to those they touch. One hiker claimed:

I had one of my friend’s handprint on my shoulder for a while after she touched me there. Through shirt his handprint remained on my back. The skin went red. In the dark, when I was touching some objects sparks were coming out.

Another power point is the peak of Mt. Omu, which is the highest mountain in the range. Also called “The Mouth of Heaven,” or also known as Gura de Rai, or “Paradise Mouth,” the peak of the mountain was once thought to connect Heaven and Earth, and those who come here also claim to be restored and cured of disease. There is also the so-called “Living Water,” which is a spring and stream of extremely pure water that flows through what is called the 7 springs waterfall. Legend has it that the ancients drank from here to increase their strength and vitality, and it is also said to be a realm of fairies.

Other areas of the mountain have a more sinister energy about them. One place called the Jepii Mici route is a very narrow trail that seems to appear or disappear at a moment’s notice. Those who have actually managed to go out along it have claimed to have experienced lost time, or to have been spontaneously transported to another place on the mountain. Being on this mysterious trail will apparently also cause disorientation, nausea, and confusion, and there are tales of people venturing out along it to disappear off the face of the earth. A similar place is called Valea Alba, where electrical equipment, compasses, and cameras go haywire and where people have allegedly lost consciousness only to awake miles away, often with nosebleeds or other physical ailments. It is said that these places are some sort of portals, and they have gained quite a bit of notoriety among locals.

Another odd phenomenon are anomalous earthquakes that have rocked the region. In 1993 there was apparently a series of hundreds of shallow earthquakes that rumbled through the Bucegi Mountains, always joined by mysterious loud booms. It was at first thought that this was caused by perhaps someone doing mining or blasting somewhere, but this was found to not be the case. Seismologists also allegedly proclaimed that the earthquakes had an unusual frequency signature and were far more frequent than would normally be expected. To add to all of this, radio transmissions failed in the region when the earthquakes hit and some residents in the rural villages of the area would claim that they had been hit with mysterious bouts of insomnia during the time, which left them unable to sleep for days on end, yet did not leave them feeling sleepy or weary. In fact, most of them described feeling better than ever. Despite that the area is apparently geologically stable and not prone to earthquakes, the government would officially say that it was merely normal seismic activity, but others are not so sure. What was going on here? Who knows?

One of the wildest stories surrounding the Bucegi Mountains has only really gained traction in recent years, and that is all of the secret alien tunnels under the earth. These tunnels have apparently been stumbled upon for some years, and those who have explored them have come back with tales of giant rooms and citadels with perfectly smooth walls, unidentified hieroglyphics, and stone chairs seemingly built for massive humanoids, among other very strange things. One such explorer said of what she found within the tunnels (Google translated from the original Romanian):

When I entered the tunnel, it’s been a long hall, I saw in the right part, partitions. I went to look in the first tunnel, there was a table made of something hard, bright, shining like crystal. And there were three more small stools. On the table was like the skin folded and there were some scratches on it, it was like something had been scratched with sharp – with a glass or stone top – and stayed pinstriped. But the scratches were made as a kind described: some rods, some waved. When we went there, I saw several of these folded and put on the table. On another table, there was something else, like everything made from crystal goblets were some, but otherwise shall adopt, and not the glasses from us, was something carved into them.

According to a 2009 book by Radu Cinamar and Peter Moon, called Transylvanian Sunrise, these tunnel systems have captured the attention of military and intelligence organizations, who allegedly first discovered them through an anomaly beneath the Bucegi Sphinx after picking them up on a satellite tracking system. Apparently they found something that “did not resemble any ordinary labyrinth or cave and sheltered two powerful energy blocks,” as well as a dome or hemisphere located near the center of the mountain which purportedly emanated a massive energy field. The book says of this bizarre discovery:

In 2003, the Pentagon discovered, through the use of satellite technology, an anomaly beneath this ancient sphinx. Through the highest levels of Freemasonry, the Pentagon was able to secure an alliance with the most secret department of the Romanian Intelligence Service which is known as Department Zero.

The idea put forward is that these tunnels were crafted by aliens for inscrutable reasons, and that it is all being covered up. Is there anything to this? Is there anything to any of this? What forces swirl about these mountains? Are there perhaps things going on here beyond our understanding, perhaps things we are not meant to or are not capable of comprehending? Or is this just weird stories cropping up around an undeniably powerful place? The Bucegi Mountains continue to be a location of the beauty and the wonders of nature, and perhaps beyond.