Dec 11, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

Bride-To-Be Claims She was Forced to Sell Her “Haunted Wedding Dress”

There are plenty of tales of haunted clothing, usually belonging to a person who died under strange or violent circumstances. There are plenty of brides who get eerie feelings when they look at their wedding gowns – different eerie feelings depending on whether it’s before or after the wedding, but eerie nonetheless. However, it’s rare to hear a story about a haunted wedding gown. In this case, it belongs to a bride-to-be who obtained it under mysterious circumstances, has been experiencing spooky events ever since, and would like nothing more than to get rid of it and buy a non-haunted gown.

“In one of the rundown remnants of a small cottage we shimmied up into, I came across this dress. It was so gorgeous, I froze at the sight of it. And if I’m being completely honest, it scared the crap out of me all at the same time, but something about its ethereal beauty just begged me to bring it home with me.”

This tale appeared on the website in Australia which unfortunately does not include any names, locations or links. Their sole source seems to be a Facebook post but searches for variations of ‘haunted wedding gown’ came up empty. What relates is that the woman lives in the U.S. and was hiking with her fiancé through a small town between Fairfax and Carbanado in western Washington state when they came upon an abandoned gold rush town. Oddly, this bride-to-be found (and absconded with) a wedding gown (photo here) that was certainly not as old as the town or cabin … or was it?

“After a week of having the dress, we noticed my cat beginning to hide underneath the bed almost all day, when she normally spent the day on us or on her designated window sill. Then things started moving around the house. First small things like sock, and my closet door being open in the morning when I specifically remember closing it before bed. Then my cat’s food tray would get thrown at such velocity it would knock things off of the shelf hung on the wall it strikes. This happened relentlessly.”

The fraidy-cat isn’t that unusual, but the moved items and the flying food tray suggest poltergeist.

“And then came the smell of rotten eggs and fire that would fill our bedroom. Night after night. Then flies started to pile up against my back windows and swarm around my front door.”

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Why is this dress haunted?

Let’s stop for a moment here. We have no idea where the woman is now (a location could give a possible explanation for the rotten egg smell and especially the fire smell if she’s near the recent wildfires) or what date or season it is (which could explain the dead flies). The indicates she had by now concluded that the dress was possessed or haunted, because she tried to “bless” the dress and the rest of her house (but surprisingly not the cat) with holy water, which she claimed just made things worse.

“Doors slamming, lights turning on and off, candles being blown out in still air, footsteps all over my apartment and heavy anguished sighs so close to my ears I could feel the breath of whoever it came from.”

Again, it appears got this from the woman’s Facebook post (which we’ll get to in a minute). At this point, she claims she still hadn’t linked the strange occurrences to the dress, so she gave it to her mother-in-law-to-be for alterations!

“She never got it dry-cleaned and begged me not to get married in this dress because of the energy surrounding it and I hadn’t even told her about what was going on at home because up until that point, I hadn’t even connected the two.”

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Maye she should have tried it on.

Let’s see. Bride-to-be finds beautiful wedding gown in a ‘ghost town’ and thinks nothing of taking it rather than trying to find the rightful owner. Did a ghost put it there for her to find or is she just inconsiderate? Once she decides it’s haunted, she tells the story on Facebook and offers to sell the dress for $1200, then dropped the price to $600. Comments on the Facebook page related by range from the believers telling her to burn it to the disgusted who accuse her of stealing the gown and then selling it for profit instead of finding the owner. What do you think?

With the complete lack of names, locations, details, paranormal investigations, photos (other than one of the beautiful dress) or videos, the needle on this “haunted wedding dress” story is wavering between ‘skeptical’ and ‘campfire tale’.

Paul Seaburn

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