Dec 12, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

Chupacabras in Russia? The Number of Reports is Increasing

Here we go again … farmers in western Russia have been reporting the mysterious deaths of larger numbers of their chickens and rabbits, which were killed in a brutal manner that makes them fear a Chupacabra rather than dogs, ferrets, coyotes or other creatures. Yes, Russia is a long way from Puerto Rico or Texas, but the reputation of the Chupacabra may be spreading by both word of mouth and mouth on chickens and rabbits. Were they drained of their blood?

“The killings (how else to call it?) Of domestic animals occurred a week earlier. At least four cases are known. The most interesting thing is that the unknown creature does not eat the carcasses of animals and birds. Of all the injuries on the bodies of rabbits and chickens, two stab wounds on the neck, like a mark from a vampire's teeth.”

Google translations of the Russian media site cause some confusion, but in November 2020 there was at least one and possibly more mysterious killings of barnyard livestock reported in the village of Alekseevsky, district of Mari El. The unknown predator entered the locked pen by pushing through a wall, then killing 13 of 15 rabbits and leaving them in pools of blood – not exactly the signature of a bloodsucker. However, the Russian report brings up the Chupacabra, which was also suspected of a similar rash of livestock killings in the area in 2015.

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Vampire or Chupacabra?

“I want to warn all residents of Udmurtia that the Chupacabra has appeared. In the village of Malaya Venya, all poultry and rabbits in several houses were destroyed in one week. Ours were locked up in the corral, and the next morning they also died, like those of our neighbors, ”the message of a local resident says. The woman asked the head of the region to take the problem seriously. I still didn’t understand who the Chupacabra was, but in fact they asked a lot, so I’m informing you.” reports the warnings of Alexander Brechalov, head of the region, after what appears to be other killings of rabbits and chickens in the same general area. Again, he refers to the Chupacabra, which was suspected in similar killings in the region in June 2020 and September 2019. A report shows the gruesome killing of an unidentified “an aggressive bloodthirsty animal with red eyes and fangs.” Again, the Chupacabra is named as a probable cause.

“It is not the first time that the mythological animal is evoked in the Russian countryside: it is true that the legend belongs to the American tradition, but since in 2009 in Ukraine a strange finding of a dead animal had made many scream at the discovery of the chupacabra rural areas of Russia have begun to talk about herds of these creatures, so much so that the chronicles of local newspapers often write of killed livestock, with the farmers pointing the finger at the chupacabra.”

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Of course we're chicken.

According to Italia Oggi, the Chupacabra stories in Russia date back to an incident in 2009 in Ukraine. It refers to the 2015 incident and suggests those killings were by a ferret. A report on that incident says the police think it was a lynx. None of the reports on the latest killings of rabbits and chickens refer to any cause by the Chupacabra.

Has the Puerto Rican goat sucker or its less deadly, doglike Texas cousin expanded their territory to Russia? An obvious question would be “why?”. There’s definitely plenty of rural areas in Russia, but even thirsty goat suckers prefer the warmer climes of the Caribbean and Texas. Could this be Russia’s own Chupacabra, like the Yeti is Russia’s Bbigfoot? That’s a possibility worth setting up motion-detection cameras to capture. Most likely it’s the plentiful wild carnivores that have easy pickings among the small farms of Russia rather than the agri-giants of the U.S.

Then again, a Russian Chupacabra would be a fun cryptid to add to the list and give cryptozoologists a reason to book a trip with the pandemic is over.

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