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Farmer Photographs UFO Near Uruguay River — a UFO Hotspot

“The truth is that I was surprised by that object, and I cannot specify what it is. It seems suspended in the sky, and at a relatively low height."

If you’re interested in UFO sightings and believe the “truth is out there,” you’ve probably heard or read plenty of testimonies which sound something like that one, along with blurry photos similar to the one accompanying this testimony. It would be easy to write this one off as just another balloon/bug/bird/bad photo except for one thing … this testimony comes from a farmer in the Argentine department of Uruguay – just across the Uruguay River from Uruguay, a country with far more UFO sightings than Argentina, a country whose Air Force has conducted UFO investigations since at least 1989 and issued a report in 2009 stating that it still had “about 40 unsolved cases” out of the estimated 100 per year it receives and reviews. Perhaps the truth is out there around the Uruguay River, where farmer Jorge Burgat had his recent encounter.

“There are no differences in the photos that I took through the windshield, with others without the glass in between."

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Uruguay is a beautiful country -- do extraterrestrials feel the same way?, Radio Mitre and other local media sources reported on the photos taken by Jorge Burgat, a “producer and rural contractor” heading home to Colonia San José del Monte in Entre Ríos in the Uruguay province near the river that separates Argentina and Uruguay. (See the photos here.) Burgat said he took multiple photos from both inside and outside his farm vehicle of the sky to record the weather conditions since he works in many locations. He claims he did not see the object in the sky when taking the photos, only when he reviewed them at home, and defended the quality and condition of his camera and his intent.

“In no way is this captured figure the product of a fault, of dirt, but much less of a trick."

The local media picked up the photos after he posted them on Facebook, where they were reposted by FM Riel. The comments ranged from UFO to drone to dirt on the lens to plenty of nonsensical suggestions – in other words, no one had any idea what it was. How about the Uruguayan Air Force?

“The Air Force will not publish a "Blue Book" containing the results of these thirty years of investigations, but El País, by decision of the command, agreed to records and testimonies.


Although the Air Force commission that studies the case has been in operation for a few decades, the UFO phenomenon began approximately in 1947 in Uruguay when the worldwide enthusiasm for the sightings rose.


Although it is not Roswell, New Mexico - an emblematic place on the subject of extraterrestrials - Uruguay is a place classified as conducive to sightings of unidentified objects, acknowledged Colonel Ariel Sánchez, an Air Force officer with 33 years of service active and that since 1989 integrates the commission on UFOs and currently chairs it.”

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Why are UFOs attracted to farm country?

In 2009, El Pais was allowed to review the cases up until that time in the Air Force files. While the identities of those making the reports were redacted, the details were not, and El Pais describes a wide variety of unidentified objects, cases of alien abduction, missing time, mutilated animals and the like. Again, 40 of the approximately 2,100 specific reports were unable to be explained. When asked to comment, Colonel Ariel Sánchez had this to say:

“The commission was able to determine modifications to the chemical composition of the soil where landings were reported. The phenomenon exists. It can be from a phenomenon that occurs in the lower part of the atmosphere, the landing of an aircraft of a foreign air force, even the extraterrestrial theory. It can be a surveillance probe from space, in the same way that we send a probe to explore distant worlds. The UFO phenomenon exists in the country. I insist: the Air Force does not rule out an extraterrestrial hypothesis based on our scientific analysis."

As far as this El Pais report is concerned, Uruguay is a UFO hotspot deserving of Air Force investigations. As far as Colonel Sánchez is concerned, “Air Force does not rule out an extraterrestrial hypothesis.” As far as Jorge Burgat is concerned, he photographed something near the Uruguay River that neither he nor anyone else has explained satisfactorily.

Is it time to admit that the truth may be out there over the Uruguay River?

(Note: this story has been updated from a previous version to show that the UFO was spotted in the Uruguay department in Argentina, on the Uruguay River across the border from the country of Uruguay.)

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