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Lemon Sniffing, Cookie Cutting, Beard Power and More Mysterious News Briefly — December 17, 2020

Mysterious News Briefly -- December 17, 2020

Watch out, Florida pythons – Truman, a python-sniffing black Labrador retriever trained to track down the estimated 300,000 invasive species in the state, caught his first snake, an 8-foot python in Miami-Dade County. After hearing how many are left, Truman demanded a bigger treat.

A study by researchers at the University of Sussex found that sniffing lemons can actually help people feel thinner, while scent of vanilla can make you feel thicker and heavier. Whichever scent you sniff, the cookie it's in is guaranteed to make you fatter.

Space Perspective announced that its “high-performance balloon and pressured capsule” called Spaceship Neptune will be ready for testing in 2021 and for taking eight passengers into the stratosphere in 2024. Each trip will cost around $125,000 per ticket – more if you want the balloon to say “Happy Birthday!”

A mysterious huge Nazca lines-like hexagon spotted on Google Maps on Western Australia's north west cape by Vanessa Hammond, a popular blogger, has been identified as Tower Zero at the Harold E. Holt Naval Communication Station, which is used to provide radio transmission to US Navy and Royal Australian Navy ships. Google Maps – the Word Search puzzles of the 21stcentury.

Good news for bearded guys working in sales -- five studies conducted in Texas to test the "power of the beard" found that, regardless of the sales industry or the salesperson's race or ethnicity, attractiveness or likability, potential buyers view bearded sales personnel as having greater expertise and trustworthiness than their clean-shaven or merely mustached counterparts. And that is how Santa continues to sell the idea he delivers all those gifts in one night.

China’s Chang’e-5 mission has officially returned with samples collected from the Moon’s surface, while Japanese scientists are “speechless” over the samples brought back from the Ryugu asteroid by the Hayabusa-2 space probe. Does this make you feel a little embarrassed when NASA gushes over the installation of a new toilet on the ISS?

Something to think about as you’re being wheeled into the operating room -- a new study found that elderly patients who underwent emergency surgery on their surgeon’s birthday had significantly higher 30-day mortality rates than patients whose surgery took place on any other day of the year. If your doctor asks if you’d like to take a whack at his piñata before being put under ... run!

Mathematicians trying to solve the “packing problem” of making the optimal positioning of cookie cutters to achieve the maximum amount of Christmas cookies cut from a single sheet of dough found that even supercomputers have as much trouble solving it as they do with complex algebraic equations. The difference is, you can’t eat algebraic equations out of frustration.

Lab-grown chicken meat will make its debut this weekend at 1880, a posh restaurant in Singapore. What wine goes with lab-grown meat? Try some synthetic vino from a startup in San Francisco.

A leak from an internal meeting reveals that Facebook is working on a neural interface to give users the ability to control software with their thoughts. Wait until they find out that the number one thought of Facebook users is wondering how to switch to Parler.


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