Dec 29, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

The ‘New’ Baba Vanga Makes Her 2021 Predictions

Everyone’s favorite dead psychics – Nostradamus and Baba Vanga – have weighed in on 2021. How about a live one? Believe it or not, there’s actually a ‘new’ Vanga – one that Vangeliya Pandeva Gushterova predicted would soon replace her, and one who is far too young to be called Baba (Grandma in Bulgarian and other cultures). Her name is Kaede Uber and, like Vanga, she’s gradually losing her sight and enters a trance when making predictions. Does she have Vanga’s record for making reliable predictions too?

“The girl attracted close attention of relatives after she foresaw that her brother would be injured, and so it happened. Several years later, Kaede Uber was able to predict the death of her grandmother and stepfather.”

According to, Kaede Uber, born in 2003 in Montpellier in southern France, is a worthy successor to Baba Vanga. For one thing, Vanga predicted her successor would come from France. Besides losing her vision to an unnamed congenital condition, Kaede began making predictions beyond deaths in her own family, such as a forecast of the global economic crisis of 2008 when she was only 5. Soon after that, Uber declared she was the new Vanga, and word of her alleged resemblance and ability began to spread.

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Baba Vanga

“Uber warns that next year there may be serious trials for humanity, which will be associated with a climate disaster. The prediction says that it is people who will be the cause of what is happening. Kaede is sure that some countries may disappear in the coming year, people will massively migrate from their inhabited territories, water and soil in some parts of the planet will become unusable.”

Not surprisingly, the interpreters of Vanga’s predictions say she also forecast climate change in 2021, but only Uber goes so far as to see the disappearance of some countries because of it. This is a good place to stop and point out that Kaede Uber is 17 and still very much alive. Why didn’t someone ask her to be more specific? Which countries or geographic areas? Where will people migrate from and where will they go? Just because Baba Vanga dictated her prognostications to her staff in Bulgarian and Uber is the ‘new’ Vanga, it doesn’t mean Kaede has to be vague in her predictions as well.

“In addition to her prediction, Kaeda added that in 2021 there is a danger of both people's forgotten diseases and viruses and brand new ones.”

Vanga didn’t have much to say about the coronavirus in 2021 – her big medical prediction was a cure for cancer. However, Kaeda sees old diseases and viruses and new ones in 2021. tries to add credibility to these predictions by pointing out that Uber visited Russia a few years ago and predicted something dangerous would come from the East and affect Russia and the rest of the world as well. takes this to be an accurate prediction of the coronavirus originating in China. While it’s definitely east of Russia, unequivocal confirmation of China as the source is still lacking – and no one asked her to name the country.

“Kaede Uber did not say when the pandemic would end. But she was sure of one thing: humanity will be able to cope with the coronavirus on its own. To do this, people need to solve the problem together.”

Well, that’s not really a prediction … it’s more of a hope. Unfortunately, that’s not at all like getting the exact number to play in the lottery … which are the kind of predictions most people ‘hope’ to get from psychics, especially one who claims to be the heir-apparent to Baba Vanga. This is not to imply that Kaede Uber is a fraud. It just means she’s subject to interpretation and her predictions depend on hindsight more than foresight.

Let’s ‘hope’ she gets some better assistants who push for more specific predictions for 2022.

Paul Seaburn

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