Dec 22, 2020 I Nick Redfern

Traumatized by a Terrifying Trio: Paranormal Creatures

I'm always very appreciative when people tell me of  their personal experiences with the world of the weird. Today's account is a perfect example. It comes from a friend, Kent. He told me: "Initially I want to share with you that I have described this incident to my wife when we first started dating in 2003. I wanted to be open with her about my interest and experiences in case our relationship became serious, as there is such a great taboo concerning this phenomena. I wanted to honest about my interest while finding out her feelings about the topic.   Patty has never paid much attention in her life to the subject and basically knew nothing about the phenomena.   I have also been on record with the film crew as I wanted my experiences documented for the conference.  Through peripheral vision, I noticed three men approaching my office door and I quickly glanced up from my work and immediately started to unlock the files on my right side, as it was in my mind that detectives were coming to view a file for some resident.  After unlocking the files, I looked up and immediately felt a numbness and somewhat of a tingling electric shock in my stomach. This sensation, I have never felt before or since.  Similar to a funny bone hit, but in the stomach only.  It was very strange but as this happened I was looking at something that I knew was not normal."

Kent continued: "From the inside, the front wooden door to the office was open and it opened inside and to the left with the inside door knob on the right. Sitting in the living room/office, my desk faced the wall and window just to the right of the front door.  The glass storm door was closed which they opened and came through.  The first being walked in and had to bend his head over to get in the door.  His face was so thin and his skin was strange and almost a see-through milky color, no hair that I could see. Next a short stocky man came in and then the third man came in, but when he did, I knew something was wrong and terribly strange as the third man was an identical twin to the first tall one.  Both were the same height, same thin face and milky complexion and hairless. All three wore the 'Frank Sinatra Fedora hats' and all had on sunglasses and suits. The third one went around the short stocky one who stayed to the left of my desk and was the only one who spoke.  I tried to see the third one who went behind me and to my left but for some reason, I could not turn around to see him and only saw him through peripheral vision.  I struggled to understand why I couldn't turn around. It seemed he was behind me to the left and his hands were bent over as if his fingers were trying to touch his wrist below his palms.

"It all seemed so strange and I felt like I was in a stupor.  I immediately looked at the first tall one, who was standing with his back against the front wooden door and was basically looking straight across the room and not toward me.  This is when I knew something was wrong, as the short stocky one was talking loudly and I couldn’t hear or understand him, as I was mesmerized with the first tall one.  Then at the exact moment I thought “I want to see your eyes” in my mind. The first one immediately dipped his chin downward so that I could not look under his sunglasses.  I then felt he was reading my mind, as if I had said it out loud. I kept saying in my head that I knew he could hear me and I kept repeating that I wanted to see his eyes and to take off the glasses.  I don’t know how long this lasted, but it must have upset the short stocky one, as he moved more to his left in front of the first one and started screaming for me not to go back out to that site, and yelled 'Do you understand?' All the while he basically ripped his sunglasses off, as if he was upset with me for thinking this."

Kent continued: "Nick, his eyes were almost perfect circles, and the brightest blue with large black pupils. No eyebrows or hair. They left after I mumbled that I understood but I still could not move for another minute.  I got up to get the license plate number but all I could see was that it was government plates but the car looked old.  After being back in the office for a few minutes, I realized that my VHS camera was opened and the tape removed.  This camera was in the kitchen on the counter to my right and I don't remember them being on that side of the office.  This was the end of the encounter."

Cases like that of Kent make me wonder just how many reports of the Men in Black there really are out there. My files amount to hundreds of cases. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the figures are really in the thousands.

Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern works full time as a writer, lecturer, and journalist. He writes about a wide range of unsolved mysteries, including Bigfoot, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, alien encounters, and government conspiracies. Nick has written 41 books, writes for Mysterious Universe and has appeared on numerous television shows on the The History Channel, National Geographic Channel and SyFy Channel.

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