Jan 18, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

Bigfoot Sighting in British Columbia Gets Canadians Excited

Outside of hockey, the Winter Olympics and the opening of moose season, not much gets Canadians excited. You can now add ‘Bigfoot sighting’ to that list. A report of a possible Bigfoot roaming the woods on Christmas Day in the tiny town of Silverton, British Columbia, caught the attention of the Canadian media faster than you can add an “Eh?” to the end of this sentence. Sasquatch … eh?

‘Twas the night of Christmas
And through the West Koot
Not a creature was sighted
Except maybe Bigfoot

You know it’s a big deal when it inspires a reporter to pen a poetic parody to it. John Boivin, Local Journalism Initiative reporter for the Valley Voice, a biweekly regional BC community newspaper serving the Slocan, Arrow Lakes and North Kootenay Lake Valleys, wrote about the Silverton sighting (Silverton is in the Slocan Valley) for the first edition of 2021, and it was picked up quickly by media sources in Toronto, Vancouver and around Canada.

“The four friends were heading to their home on Hwy 6 just south of Silverton on the evening of December 25 when the people in the front of the vehicle saw what looked like a “huge, man-like figure” on the side of the road.”

So begins the soon-to-be-family-legend Christmas story of Erica Spink-D’Souza and her three friends. Spink-D’Souza was in the back seat and looked up too late to see “what looked like a huge man standing on two legs. It bent over and fell to four legs.” Hmmm … that last part doesn’t sound like Sasquatch but Spink-D’Souza knows her bears and observed that “It is winter and bears here in the interior of the Kootenays are hibernating.” (FYI -- the Kootenays is a region of southeastern BC named for the Kutenai First Nations people.)

If it wasn’t a grizzly, what did Spink-D’Souza and her friends see?

“We got home and all four of us decided to go back and look for tracks. We went and filmed and took photos of a whole bunch of massive tracks that look like they are from a biped animal! We have this video and photos and would like someone to look at them. We live near Silverton British Columbia in Canada. We have also been walking in the woods near our house and one time I saw a structure/set up of trees that looked deliberately placed in different criss-cross arrangement. I also heard deep resonate sounds one night right after we first moved in to our new property near Silverton, BC. It sounded part human, part animal.”

Spink-D’Souza is obviously Bigfoot savvy. In her report to BFRO (the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization), she said they felt something watching them as they recorded the tracks. For those interested in becoming amateur Bigfoot investigators, BFRO investigator Matthew Moneymaker followed up with the witnesses and then called the owner of the property where the sighting occurred. The unnamed woman claimed to have heard “moaning howls” outside her cabin recently, so he played a recording of the Ohio howl and she said “That’s what I heard, eh?” or something to that effect.

“They suspect the tracks are from a very large moose. The witnesses may have seen a large female moose facing forward and mistook it for a man-like figure.”

Moneymaker told John Boivin that members of a nearby Okanagan Bigfoot group saw the report and visited the site 10 days later, identifying the tracks as closer to moose than Bigfoot. Oooh, don’t tell that to the locals, who know their moose tracks. Spink-D’Souza, who just recently moved to the area, found that out when she shared her encounter with neighbors.

“Well, it’s the Kootenays. I tell them what happened, and they start telling me their Bigfoot stories. People were saying ‘oh, that’s The Wanderer, there’s a sasquatch who wanders around here. It sounds like around here people are pretty open to the possibility there is one.”

After hearing the Christmas tale of Erica Spink-D’Souza and her friends, are you? With the new information from the Silverton locals, perhaps it’s time for a new ode to this BC Bigfoot (to the tune of "The Happy Wanderer"):

He loves to go a-wandering,
To my cabin and back
And where he goes, he loves to howl,
Those ain’t no moose tracks, Jack
Ah-ooh-ooh, ah-ooh-ah
Those ain’t no moose tracks, Jack


Paul Seaburn

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