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Mini-Humanoid, Flying Cadillac, Heart-Stopping iPhone and More Mysterious News Briefly — January 13, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — January 13, 2021

During a virtual presentation to the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), General Motors unveiled its Cadillac flying car and electric shuttle concept vehicle. Not saying GM Cadillac is late to the party, but this is kind of like Tesla unveiling the battery?

Saudi Arabia unveiled plans for a zero-carbon city called THE LINE which will be built in a straight line more than a hundred miles in length and feature “zero cars, zero streets, and zero carbon emissions” while offering housing, transportation and jobs for one million people. Also in a straight line are oil workers at the unemployment office.

The cannabis reform activist group DC Marijuana Justice will soon offer “Joints for Jabs” – free bags of legal cannabis at vaccination sites to people getting their coronavirus shots. Is Willie Nelson building up his arm and trying out disguises?

Researchers studying carbonaceous chondrite meteorites that have hit the Earth within the last 100 years discovered minute signs of water movement indicating that they contained tiny amounts of ice frozen billions of years ago that melted as the meteorite fell, giving support to theories that water and possibly life came from elsewhere. If it was fizzy and contained vitamins and natural flavors, does that mean it was intelligent life?

A Stanford University team put a human mini-brain, mini-spinal cord and mini-muscle in a nutrient bath and was shocked when they merged together and formed a blob of human tissue with the mini-brain sending signals through the mini-spinal-cord to make the mini-muscle twitch. Time for a mini-panic and warnings of a mini-takeover by mini-humanoids?

The intelligence website The Black Vault has released to the public a massive collection of documents the CIA claims is all of the long-classified records it has on reported UFO activity going back more than 50 years. Did the agent who guarded the filing cabinet retire?

A project called the North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational Waves (NANOGrav) announced it is using a "galaxy-sized" space observatory and has picked up hints of a unique signal from gravitational waves. Exciting news, but since when did astronomers start describing their work like wine tasters?

A newly discovered distant galaxy is being referred to by astronomers as “Old Faithful” because they have witnessed it ‘erupting’ or sending out bursts of an event 20 times in regular intervals of 114 days. The next eruption of the real Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park may include a lawsuit claiming copyright infringement.

The Henry Ford Heart and Vascular Institute released a new study which found that the magnetic field put out by an iPhone 12’s MagSafe charging technology can shut down a pacemaker if the device is placed over it. Please don’t say there’s an app for that.

The gaming company Razer claims to have made the world’s smartest mask – a reusable N95 respirator that is waterproof, scratch-resistant, equipped with lights, transparent to allow for lip-reading and seeing facial cues, and can amplify your voice so you can be heard while wearing it. Not surprisingly, the first thing heard coming out of the loudspeaker after people try it on is, “It costs HOW MUCH?”


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