Hauntings come in many flavors, and can be designated to certain types. We have those of the ghosts of dead people, the so-called residual hauntings that seem to entail scenes from history played out as if on a tape, the poltergeist hauntings which are suspected to be projected by a person, and others. Among these are those that seem to originate from forces well beyond out understanding, involving horrific entities that were never human at all and which we often classify as "demons." Such hauntings can take many forms, but they tend to be particularly malevolent and insidious, and here we will look at a few that are not really on the radar but which are every bit as creepy as any others out there.

One very frightening case allegedly comes to us from the Hudson Valley, where a woman named Marie lived with her boyfriend, Chris, and their children from different past marriages. They had a mostly peaceful and happy life until one day when they used a Ouija board, which doesn’t seem to have been a very good idea at all. During the session, they were purportedly contacted by an entity that took the form of Chris’ son from a previous marriage, who had passed away some years before, but it soon became obvious that this wasn’t actually the son, but rather an insidious demon merely masquerading as him. The entity then supposedly called itself “Frank,” and went about detailing its desire to possess Marie’s oldest daughter Julie, who happened to be handicapped with cerebral palsy. This was enough for them, and they promptly ended the rather ominous session. However, this was not the end.

In the coming days after the Ouija board session, the family began experiencing a variety of paranormal activity, such as anomalous noises, flickering lights, and moving objects and even furniture, which they immediately linked to the Ouija board session and the mysterious Frank. Not knowing what to do, Chris took the Ouija board and burned it, thinking that this would banish the apparent demon, but it did not work. Frank allegedly began appearing in Marie’s nightmares, where he took the form of a man in a black suit and continued to threaten her daughter Julie, seeming to revel in her fear and constantly tormenting her to the point where she was afraid to go to sleep at all. As this was going on, Chris would claim that Frank had tried to possess him, and his son was menaced by a face that appeared through his wall at night. It was all so terrifying that the family decided to contact a professional paranormal investigator, who arrived and poured talcum powder across the floor where the spirit activity was most active in order to get some physical evidence such as footprints or messages, and the next day it supposedly had the word “Julie” scrawled out in it.

The paranormal investigator was so upset by this that she referred them to a demonologist by the name of Dave Considine and his Phantasm Psychic Research Team. Considine, who has been an advisor on many paranormal reality shows and is often mentioned in the same breath as the famous demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren, and was in fact personally trained by the Warrens, arrived with his team for a full investigation. One of the team has said of their experience and training in such matters:

Dave was trained personally by Ed Warren as a religious demonologist, which led to him being the assistant to Catholic exorcist + O.P Bishop Robert McKenna. Also over the years he worked very closely with many other noted figures in the fields of paranormal research, including exorcist Fr. Malachi Martin, Fr. James Lebar of the New York Arch Diocese and Fr. Rama Coomaraswamy, M.D Assistant Director of the Albert Einstein institute of Psychiatry NY, New York, among others. Dave is also a trained in drug, alcohol and domestic violence counseling which helps greatly in our case work when dealing with individuals and families. So, with the combined knowledge of everyone in the Phantasm Psychic Research Team from working already with the Warrens and drawing knowledge from there own backgrounds, under the direction of Dave we developed into Phantasm Psychic Research as you see it today and we have been in operation since 1994.

They were quick to classify the case as demonic in nature, and a medium they brought with them confirmed that they were dealing with a demon that wished to possess the child Julie, and there were numerous instances of paranormal activity witnessed by the team, including an incident in which unseen hands attacked one of the team. It was enough that they decided to contact an actual Catholic exorcist, who came to perform a blessing of the house and managed to banish Frank, but not before is briefly possessed Julie and issued bangs and thuds throughout the home in anger. After this the family would move away from the home, and the case would appear in a dramatized version on the Discovery Channel paranormal show A Haunting.

Another case of a shadowy demonic entity in a suit comes from the year 1986, when an Ed and Karen Parker moved to a new home in Connecticut along with their four children, Bobby, Paul, Connie, and Mark. Their main reason for the move was to be nearer to the hospital where their son Paul was receiving cancer treatment, and even though the house had a creepy history as a former funeral parlor the price was right and it seemed like mostly a dream home. However, as with many such cases, what seemed to be an idyllic dream would quickly devolve into a nightmare.

A good deal of strangeness began to orbit the son Paul. He claimed to see shadowy figures lurking about the home, one of which he described as a man in a suit. Oddly, at the time his physical health began to improve even as his behavior began to derail into the odd. The normally cheerful boy became morose and reclusive, spending all of his time in his room, and he also allegedly began to write very dark, grim poetry and draw frightening pictures. In addition to this he became confrontational and bad-tempered, one time even physically attacking his brother and cousin. He reportedly became so erratic and out of control that his parents brought him to a mental hospital, with the boy warning that without him there to control it “The Man in the Suit” would run amok. As predicted, when Paul left the family was held under siege by the mysterious and malevolent shadow figure, with all of them seeing it and sometimes being actually physically attacked by it. The terrified family would contact the famous demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren, who would arrive along with the paranormal investigator John Zaffis. Whatever the demonic presence was, it apparently did not enjoy the company. Objects reportedly flew off of shelves to aim directly at the investigators, and at one point, Zaffis was physically attacked by the demon, after which there was allegedly a ball of fire that flew through the room. An exorcism was arranged for the house, which seems to have done the trick, and we are left to wonder just what to make of these spectacular claims.

An even earlier case supposedly occurred in the 1960s, when two brothers by the names of Tom and Tim Yancey encountered a decidedly demonic entity in the woods near their rural home in Lake Worth, Florida. They claimed that one day while playing out in the woods, a shadowy apparition dropped from a tree to chase them all the way home, where they told their very skeptical parents. This would not be the end of it, because that very same evening Tim claims that he saw a “black human figure” with glowing red eyes moving about in the yard, but when he screamed for help his father came to find no intruders on the property. The figure would appear for several more nights, sometimes leering in through the window and allegedly causing insects to appear within the bedroom. Tim also began sleepwalking, something he had never done before, and it was all enough that their mother began to believe that something paranormal might be going on, and she broke out the Ouija board to try and make contact. If you have been paying attention so far, you will recognize this as being a very bad idea.

The Ouija board session failed to make contact, but it certainly seemed to make things worse. The brothers began to claim that they could see the shadow figure crawling about on the ceiling at night, and on one occasion Tim was ruthlessly attacked by the entity, leaving claw marks across his midsection. Other assorted intense paranormal activity reported was what they called “The Shadow Man” shaking the family Christmas tree violently and pounding on the walls and doors. The haunting would continue until many years later, when the two boys were grown and finally had the home exorcised by a priest. The case also appeared on the show A Haunting, and leaves us to wonder just what we are dealing with here.

Another case is that of the Shea family, in the state of Arkansas, who began to experience much strangeness right after moving into their new home. They allegedly heard disembodied voices and saw objects move on their own, and after asking the previous owners about the house they found out that it was supposedly haunted by the ghost of a little boy. However, whatever was resident there did not seem to be a little boy at all. One evening the mother, Jamie, apparently would see a hulking, shadowy figure standing behind her in reflections, and they would occasionally feel a sudden, oppressive presence fall over them, causing pure dread and panic. Allegedly one of these episodes would fall over Jamie as she was driving a car and cause her to have a serious crash that left her daughter Tory in the hospital. On top of this were numerous instances of furniture moving or shaking violently, and they eventually contacted a team of paranormal investigators. An investigation into the history of the house would turn up rumors that it had once been the site of alleged Satanic rituals, and it would be found through a Ouija board session (don’t these people ever learn?) that the entity called itself “Seth,” believed to be a demon. The house would be cleared through an exorcism, which seems to have gotten rid of the malevolent presence. Was this a demon, ghost, or something else? Who knows?

In some cases these demonic entities seem to appear in seemingly innocent guises in order to hide their true hideous natures, and one case of this supposedly happened to a young boy named Cody Foster with an appearance having “transparent-electricity-gel like feel.” Cody would tell his parents about his “imaginary friend,” who appeared as a 6-year-old boy, but things would get sinister when Cody claimed that the boy had told him of how he had been murdered and buried in the park nearby. The mysterious boy called himself “Man,” and while at first he seemed to be benevolent, Man would begin to display more aberrant behavior, such as urinating in the closet or cutting up his teddy bear. Cody’s parents were angry, as they believed that it was Cody doing this and blaming it on his imaginary friend, but things would get stranger still.

The odd incidents with Man intensified, and Cody himself began to display some bizarre behavior, such as cursing, growling, and snarling. If there was any doubt that this was an actual haunting of some sort, this would be clarified by objects that would float through the air, and on one occasion Cody’s mother would claim that a dark, beastly apparition lashed out from Cody to try and attack her. At the end of her rope, Cody’s mother would apparently contact a Native American shaman she knew, who would carry out a ritual and seem to banish the malicious Man. What was Man and what did it want? Was this a demon, a ghost, or perhaps even a projection from Cody himself? It is hard to say. In all of these cases it is really difficult to know what to think. What is going on here? How can we classify such accounts? What sorts of forces are at work here? Are these cases even real at all, or are they hoaxes? We are left to wonder, but they certainly project past the normal hauntings and suggest something perhaps more demonic in nature, whatever that may mean.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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