Feb 12, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

Alleged Chupacabra Photographed and Killed in Russia

Students of the cryptid known as the Chupacabra know that the legendary blood-sucking creature hails originally from Puerto Rica, has an ugly cousin in Texas and is blamed whenever and wherever livestock are found killed without any discernable cause. They also know that there are few legible photos of the creature outside of the mangy, sickly doglike ones in Texas, and the photos that are taken are generally of a dead animal … one that nearly always seems to disappear before any veterinarian can examine it or any DNA analysis performed.

sick dog 1063663 640 570x379
Not this kind of sick dog.

With that out of the way, we head to Russia, where an unusual creature was shot in a forest in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Photos of it alive and dead were posted on social media (See them here) and spread quickly. Why did so many think it was a Russian Chupacabra?

“Our subscriber claims that the hunters in the forest came across such a miracle. The beast walked in the forests of the Krasnooktyabrsky district. Any suggestions who it might be?😱”

The photo was posted on the Nizhny Novgorod UNCENSORED social media page after being submitted by a member. There were plenty of animals suggested as possibilities, along with a surprising number of anti-hunting comments. The Standartnews.com site provided more details on the creature, along with some ‘before’ photos before the creature was killed. (See them here.) Those look like the Texas version of the Chupacabra. The site claims the creature (or some creature) had been killing chickens and small livestock in the area for months, and a local unnamed vet reportedly looked at the victims and could not match their wounds to any local predators. One witness, Mikhail Novikovov, finally gave the Chupacabra link:

“We think that this creature has been killing livestock for a long time, sucking blood out of it.”

He’s not saying it’s a Chupacabra, but it’s a Chupacabra. Or is it? Open Nizhny sent the photos to the State Hunting Supervision Committee for the Nizhny Novgorod region, and their experts ruled out Chupacabra or any new species, stating the paws convinced them it was a feral dog. Because it was alone, they speculate it was an escaped pet that managed to survive on chickens and whatever else it could kill and eat. Fortunately for the hunter, the season for fur-bearing animals is now open, so he was safe even if the creature was a wolf, a fox or a Chupacabra … assuming the Russian version has fur. Of course, none of the reports indicate anyone other than the hunter examined the creature or did any kind of testing.

dog 3363318 640 570x321
Desperate dogs do desperate things.

“The creature that hunted in the nearby forest could also swim. It had a long neck, large teeth, strong paws with sharp claws, a long tail curved backwards, large ears and short fur. A hunter named Sergei, who discovered the body of the fearsome creature, said at the time that he saw such a beast for the first time, but was convinced that the corpse belonged to Chupacabra.”

Standartnews.com gives some hope to the Chupacabra believers with a 2016 story of an animal killed in Ples in the Ivanovo region in far western Russia that was suspected of being a Chupacabra. For the skeptics, one social media commenter pointed out that the actual location where the creature was allegedly shot seemed to change from report to report, although the Nizhny Novgorod region seems to be the most mentioned. This could be a red flag or it could be the result of the stories being Google translated from Russian and other languages.

Does Russia have its own Chupacabra? These photos are definitely not proof. The State Hunting Supervision Committee says it would like to talk to the unnamed hunter, but this is Russia – do you think he’ll want to meet with government officials voluntarily?

The Chupacabra phenomenon in Puerto Rico can be traced back to a single report in 1995 and has grown to become a worldwide scary cryptid … even the ones in Texas that look more like sickly dogs. Is this one in Russia proof or just another story for the ‘desperate farmers with dead chickens seeking answers’ pile?

Paul Seaburn

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