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Bigfoot Gone, Giant Fish Arrives, Robot Threatens and More Mysterious News Briefly — February 18, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — February 18, 2021

A recent CT scan on the mummy Egyptian pharaoh Seqenenre Taa II shows facial wound evidence that he was viciously assaulted and killed on the battlefield by attackers armed with daggers, axes and spears in a war started when the king of the Hyksos complained that the noise of the pharaoh’s  hippos in a sacred pool was disturbing his sleep. There was more, but you could definitely say that hippo part o' mess.

A study confirmed that what was once thought to be the skeletal remains of a wild female horse found in Utah and dating back 16,000 years to the last ice age is actually no more than 340 years old – a domestic horse buried in an ancient pit by indigenous people. Scientists or indigenous people – which one is responsible for saying “Oops”?

In Marion, North Carolina, McDowell County sheriff’s office investigators are looking for a stolen gray concrete 3-foot tall, 150-pound Bigfoot statue – an event causing sadness and anger in Marion, a town that named Bigfoot its ‘official animal’ in 2018. Could it be a disgruntled Bigfoot upset at being depicted with such short stature?

The space programs of Russia and China are hammering out an agreement to work together to build an international research station on the Moon. A lot of things must be ironed out – like what language will the “Welcome” mat be in.

If you live in San Francisco and you have the strange feeling you’re getting shorter – it’s not you, it’s your city, which a geophysicist from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) agency has proven to have sunk as much as 80 mm (3.1 inches) under the weight of all of its building and its people, which he estimates at about 3.5 trillion pounds, or roughly 8.7 million Boeing 747s. Will fat-free Rice-a-Roni help?

During a demonstration at a sex robot factory for a journalist, the owner turned the artificial intelligence of one of his creations up the max (11?) and, when the sex robot was insulted, it responded by saying, “I’ll remember you said that when robots take over the world.” Does this mean the sex robot was angry or into submission – asking for a curious friend. (Article may be NSFW.)

Yet another 12-foot silver monolith has appeared, this time in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where people took selfies with it before it was torched and torn apart. It’s time for the Muppets to add a monolith puppet singing “It’s not easy being silver.”

Florida has another giant invasive species – this time it’s the arapaima, the world’s largest predatory fish which can grow up to 10 feet in length and weigh more than 400 pounds and has taken up residence in Cape Coral’s Caloosahatchee River. They can also live out of water, which means the arapaima can also get a Florida driver’s license.

An unbelievable video from India shows an Indian Forest Service officer gently pouring water from a bottle into the mouth of a thirsty venomous cobra. Does this qualify the officer for one free bite by the cobra on the enemy of his choice?

Good and bad news for coffee drinkers – a new study found that caffeine does not cause sleep deprivation but it definitely shrinks the grey matter in the area of the brain’s right medial temporal lobe, including the hippocampus, which controls memory consolidation. Good and bad news for coffee drinkers – a new study found that caffeine … oh no!

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