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Chupacabra Sandwiches, Cubic Wombat Feces, Welsh Big Cats and More Mysterious News Briefly — February 1, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — February 1, 2021

If you wondered whether there are alien big cats in Wales, a woman walking her dogs in Chester Meadows near the River Dee says her puppy was spooked by a “really deep growl” in an area near Cheshire where numerous other sightings and hearings have been reported to Puma Watch North Wales. If it’s a Welsh big cat, wouldn’t that be a grrrowwwlll?

The minimoon named 2020 SO, which entered Earth orbit in September 2020 and was eventually identified as a piece of a 1960s rocket booster from a Surveyor moon mission, is already saying goodbye and heading for parts unknown. Are things so bad that even boomer rockets want to leave?

Diamonds are hard, but scientists have figured out a way to break them down to nano-size, then stretch them into superconductive threads which will expand their usage far beyond personal computers. Sorry, girls – diamonds are now a geek’s best friend.

If you have a taste for a cryptid sandwich, for a limited time only Mr. C’s Fried Chicken and Waffles restaurants in San Antonio are serving up a Chupacabra baked chicken special that it claims “Everybody is raving” about. OK, it’s actually fried chicken that Mr. C’s thinks a Chupacabra would rave about, but wouldn’t that require a side of blood and a straw?

Marsupial researchers have finally solved the mystery of why wombats make cubed-shaped feces and it has nothing to do with a special ‘exit hole’ — the cube shape is formed within the wombat’s intestines and the purpose of the shape is thought to be rolling prevention so the cubes can be better used to communicate with other wombats.  Mathematically speaking, that makes wombat intestines the cube root.

‘Planet of the Apes’ alert – researchers in Mexico found that black howler monkeys can remember where important events took place in their habitat and also how to later return to these locations. Why the alert? Black howler monkeys don’t have GPS.

The first example of money usage in the America’s may have been found in Santa Barbara where researchers discovered shell beads that may have been used as currency by hunter-gatherers 2,000 years ago. If they were using the beads to short-sell for future games, this changes everything.

Biologists at the California-Nevada Fish Health Center found that thousands of fish it inspected are weak and dying because of a thiamine (vitamin B1) deficiency in their diets. Can they train them to switch from fish flakes to fortified corn flakes?

General Motors shocked the automotive world by announcing plans to end sales of gasoline and diesel-powered cars, pickups and SUVs by 2035 and go completely electric. For those who miss that old car smell, will they offer gasoline air unfresheners to hang on the rearview mirror?

A giant 600-year-old Aztec sculpture depicting a golden eagle has been found carved in the floor at the foot of the pyramid-shaped Templo Mayor in what is now Mexico City. It’s in such pristine shape, there’s probably an ancient sign somewhere that reads “Please remove huaraches before entering.”


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