Feb 12, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

Get Really Close to Area 51 — Ranch Next Door for Sale

20031 Rock Springs Road Road
Alamo, NV 89001

If you’re a fan of Area 51 stories or you stormed it during the big storming event in 2019, you probably recognize that address. If you’re a real student of Area 51, you probably know it as the home of the “black mailbox.” If you’re a collector of Area 51 stuff, this will get you really excited – the property at that location abutting Area 51 is for sale!

“Year round cattle ranch approx. 140 miles North of Las Vegas, Nevada. 40 acres deeded plus 40 acres patent claims. Cattle run outside year round.”


“Ranch features 2 newer manufactured homes the large main home which includes 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms with a wrap around deck and the other home features 3 bedrooms 2 bath which would make a great guest house. Total AUMs on BLM is 6296 plus permit for 250 head on Area 51.”

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Did you say we can get into Area 51?

The ”ranch” is the famous Medlin Ranch belonging to Steve and Glenda Medlin, who purchased it in the 1970s and have been both friendly neighbors to Area 51 and friendly greeters to those seeking more info on the secretive base. George Knapp, who knows a bit about Area 51 himself, revealed that the ranch is for sale and gave a detailed history at Mystery Wire -- much more than the real estate description at Allie Bear Real Estate, which has the property listed for $4.5 million. (See the listing here with photos.) That’s not just because of the “location, location, location” – Knapp says when the Medlin’s bought the property, there were no buildings, no running water, and no other utilities.

“In the mid 80’s, they got a crash course on Area 51 when the United States Air Force seized 89,000 acres of public land, with no explanation. Some of that land had been used by Medlin to graze his cattle. “They say it’s never going to make no difference,” Medlin said. “I’d like to see something in writing say that.” Medlin eventually worked out a deal with the Air Force. The military told him he could enter the forbidden base to tend his roaming cattle, but he needed to call first on a radio they gave him.”

That makes Steve Medlin and his cattle the precious few beings who have crossed over into Area 51 without being met by speeding military vehicles manned with armed soldiers ready to shoot first and ask questions later, as many learned in the buildup to the Area 51 storming events. For more on the ranch, Knapp turned to Joerg Arnu, a local resident and webmaster of the Dreamland Resort website where he reports on all things relating to Area 51. He relates the story of the black mailbox. (Photos here.)

“At one point, when I visited the mailbox, I saw that Mulder from The X-Files had signed it. So you know, it became part of Area 51 folklore, and people would still gather there. It was almost like a shrine, it was almost like you had to visit the black mailbox, or your mission is not complete.”

Mulder should have known that the mailbox located on Highway 375 – now called the Extraterrestrial Highway -- was not the government’s but instead belonged to Steve and Glenda Medlin, whose personal mail was sifted through regularly by misguided and impolite Area 51 visitors. Medlin eventually painted the black mailbox white and bulletproofed it, but the problems didn’t end until he moved it to a nondisclosed location. Good news to the buyer – it’s still there somewhere, along with 750 head of cattle, 250 of which are allowed to graze on Area 51 property.

Before you think about paying Steve Medlin a visit disguised as a cow and sneak onto Area 51, Knapp says there’s a deal pending which is in escrow.

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