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“Inverted Walnut” UFO Seen By Multiple Witnesses in Argentine UFO Hotspot

When it comes to describing UFOs, the most common descriptions are saucers, balls, cigars, Tic Tacs and other common shapes. But an inverted walnut? That’s a first and it comes from multiple witnesses in Roque Pérez, a hotspot for UFO sightings in Argentina. Was that walnut shelled or unshelled?

“We were in the field, setting up for an event on Route 205, km 136. We had finished and were getting ready to have a soda. Looking at the sky I looked at the moon and saw a kind of inverted half-nut pass by. I immediately called a coworker to see it. He also observed it and was astonished because it was the first time he had seen something like this in the middle of the day.” (Google translation)

Before you shout “We thought you said walnut – this says half-nut! How do you know it wasn’t a half Brazil nut? After all, this is South America!”, walnuts are also grown there – South American walnut wood is one of the world’s finest. As noted, this is from a Google translation of the news report in Crónica, a media site published in Buenos Aires, and the report contains a drawing (see it here) that looks like an inverted walnut. Crónica also notes that the same description was given by multiple witnesses from different locations around Roque Pérez with the same time — 12:45 pm on Saturday afternoon.

Will this scare them away?

Roque Pérez is about 140 km (87 miles) southwest and inland of Buenos Aires, which is probably why many media sites in the area repeated Crónica states it is sending a crew to investigate because:

“Several people communicated with Crónica repeating the same story: something similar to an “invested (sic) half-nut” crossed the sky of the place.


This is news in development and we are traveling to the site to see if we can get photos, videos and testimonials. In recent months there are many voices that provide data on the presence of these strange lights in the sky of the place. Some are convinced that everything is related to the Salado river that passes a few kilometers from the city. We are investigating.”

A UFO crash?

Crónica references a sighting in May 1991 when three men in a truck witnessed a UFO at 3 am on Route 20 while traveling to Roque Pérez – a right UFO with changing lights and constant movement in the sky for 2 minutes before disappearing. Vision Ovni (UFO Vision) has a detailed report on a wave of UFO sightings in Roque Pérez in 1994, with two investigators talking to many witnesses in both 1994 and 1995, eventually referring to the area as a “Window Zone” which it defines as “a geographic region that becomes the scene of a large UFO presence.” The highest concentration at that time were at “the so-called “Camino de los Curas” (the busiest place) a neighborhood alley that, coming from Lobos, begins to the right of Route 205, a few meters before from the access avenue to the urban center; Route 30 and the vicinity of the Salado river.” While not speculating why this area became a “Window Zone” Vision Ovni does report that it attracted the attention of not only UFO researchers but scientists in other disciplines.

In all of that, no one mentions an “inverted half-walnut” until the latest report. Is this a new food-related UFO to add to the “saucer” plate with the Tic Tacs? Let’s hope Crónica uncovers more about it.


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