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Purple Mars, Moth Romance, Zombies Coming and More Mysterious News Briefly — February 25, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — February 25, 2021

Here’s some good news for those tired of fixing their own breakfast -- a New York nutritionist says pizza makes a better breakfast than cereal because it has less sugar (to avoid a sugar crash), more protein and nearly the same amount of calories. Now you can tell your friends that yes, you gained a COVID 19 pounds, but it’s a healthy 19.

While Perseverence gets all of the recent attention, a Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) scientist used data from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter to determine that dust storms in the Russell crater, location of the largest known sand dune on Mars, are caused by seasonal changes on the Red Planet. Get ready, Elon Musk, Marian winters may be as bad as the last one in Texas.

You may think sharks are the scariest thing about swimming in the ocean, but a new poll found that they rank fourth behind drowning, jellyfish and deep water. Good news for sharks – they still make the scariest movies.

A new study published in Frontiers in Genetics shows that dim red light boosts sexual activity in yellow peach moths (Conogethes punctiferalis) by making the males more sensitive to the odor of the female sex pheromone and thus more motivated to mate. If you’re tired of watching the porch bug zapper, now you can put a red bulb in the porch light and watch something new.

If you find yourself being disgusted by foods your friends eat, take heart – a new study found that being disgusted may actually keep you healthy by keeping from ingesting foods that could cause infections or make you sick in other ways. Reprint this study and carry it whenever you’re with your vegan friends.

You may not live in the Matrix yet, but European scientists are building a virtual version of the entire Earth that they can use to simulate different scenarios of climate change, pollution and effects of humans on the environment. Step one – simulate the red and blue pills.

The Pentagon's secret X-37B unmanned drone lost one of its secrets -- scientists have revealed that a payload launched by the ship in 2020 is a solar panel the size of a pizza box which has successfully collected solar power with the next step being beaming it back to Earth. Does this mean the pizza is still hot?

Just when you started feeling better about leaving the house, a new study warns that the rabies virus could mutate, by either natural or artificial engineering, into an apocalyptic super virus that could turn humans into highly aggressive zombies. Looking for a bright side, highly aggressive sounds healthier than couch potato.

If the Red Planet suddenly looks purple to you, it’s not your glasses or something you ate or smoked – a new study found that Martian dust storms are generating electricity through a process known as triboelectric charging which creates a purple glow similar to St. Elmo’s Fire on Earth. This one’s for you, Prince.

A new 3D map of the sky created using the data from the Gaia space observatory has allowed astronomers to find 1.3 million binary stars within about  3,000 light-years from Earth, showing that binary stars make up at least half of all sunlike stars and white dwarfs. Don’t be disappointed – we may only have one but at least it’s working.

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