Feb 20, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

Raelians Push Brazilian Government to Open Extraterrestrial Embassy

If you were an extraterrestrial making your first visit to Earth, which country would you land in? The one with an embassy to welcome you and park your ship, of course. Brazil wants to be that country, and Venezuela is also interested – at least that’s the word from the Raelians – the UFO religion which has been petitioning governments and even the United Nations to get ready for the inevitable visits by ETs called Elohim … visitors the Raelians believe are the reason for the creation of humanity on Earth and origin of the stories of gods in the holy texts. The Elohim are said to be coming back and they’re not happy – Hiroshima really ticked them off – so the Raelians want to make them feel welcome with a landing pad, a comfortable embassy, sex (the Raelians are big on sexual experimentation) and anything else they want so the Elohim save us with new technology and a path to utopia. Brazil thinks it’s a good idea … so does Venezuela … so why are the Raelians having such a hard time getting the embassy and landing pad built?

“As shown in the document presented to the various governments addressed, the Embassy of Our Fathers of Space will bring substantial financial benefits to the host country. The fortunate nation will also enjoy the special protection of Elohim and will become the spiritual and scientific center of the planet for millennia.”

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They're going to need a big landing pad.

David Uzal, the current South American representative for the Raelians, lays out the financial benefits in an interview with Metropoles. However, in the fine print of the embassy document, the Raelians want this to be a true embassy with all of the rights and privileges of regular embassies, plus the Realians have to like the country’s leaders.

“We are a free-thinking organization. We support Venezuela for its independent relationship with the United States. And we support the Brazilian president for his stance in defense of individual freedom. We have even asked the UN to include the right to live at risk among human rights.”

That is the same UN which in 2019 rejected the Raelian’s appeal for help finding a home for the embassy. The Elohim prefer Israel near Jerusalem, joining a few other religions there, but the Israelis have a few issues with the Raelians – their religious symbol is a swastika (they say it’s the original one, not the Nazi version), their support of human cloning as a means to immortality, their orgies and their atheism. Then there’s the Raelian vision of the end of the world where all of humanity will perish except for 144,000 Raelian who will rebuild it the right way.

That doesn’t seem to bother Brazil – at least that’s what Uzal says. He claims to have a presentation scheduled in April with an unnamed official to go over the embassy plans. Metroples was unable to get a response on this from the Brazilian government.

kamienica 4695651 640
It needs to be much fancier than this.

A lot of people are all in on peace and love, saving humanity from itself, getting better technology and religious freedom (no matter how strange the beliefs might be). Unfortunately, the Raelians come with just too many oddities to accept. Will Brazil be the one to build their embassy?

It beats waiting for the virus to end so they can hold Carnival again.

(Special thanks to OVNI Hoje for info on this story.)

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