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Sexbot Hackers, Video Game-Playing Pigs, Space Curry and More Mysterious News Briefly — February 11, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — February 11, 2021

NASA announced that asteroid 231937 (2001 FO32), as much as a mile in diameter, will buzz Earth next month – ‘buzz’ in this case is within 1.25 million miles of the planet, but still a "potentially hazardous" space object. Sadly, no one cares about these announcements anymore unless Harvard professor Avi Loeb says it’s actually a spaceship.

Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder have developed a new, low-cost device you can wear as a ring or a bracelet that will turn your entire body into a biological battery capable of powering your wearable and carry-able electronics. Finally, you can be a coppertop without having red hair.

If you’d like to own a piece of another world, Christie’s auction house is holding its annual sale of lunar, Martian and rare meteorites, with prices starting as low as $250. When they auction the bargain items, they probably ask that no one sneeze.

A mysterious sinkhole opened in Grant Gardens, a park in north Liverpool under which 80,000 people are buried as part of what was once known as the Liverpool necropolis. Or is it now 79,999?

An article written by the Hong Kong law firm ONC Lawyers for Lexology warns that cybercriminals can easily hack into sex robots and turn them into deadly killers. Fortunately, most are more likely to just reprogram them to come over to their place and join their sexbot harem.

If you have a big lap, a company called Expanscape has created a laptop with six extra screens that fold out in every direction away from the main one, running their own windows and apps. If you need that many screens, you’ve got too many side gigs with too many Zoom meetings.

Hyundai has unveiled an autonomous all-wheel drive vehicle that features four retractable legs for climbing over obstacles when all-wheel drive isn’t enough. Watch for Toyota to unveil one with five legs – the fifth mounted in the middle of the hood to kick the Hyundai in front of you when the light turns green.

India’s space program has promised its four astronauts that their first flight, scheduled to launch in December 2021, will be stocked with Indian cuisine specially designed by engineers and chefs for space travel. This will be the first spacecraft in history that can be tracked by smell.

Two Yorkshire pigs and two Panepinto micro pigs were trained by Purdue University researchers to use a joystick with their snouts and play a video game with remarkable ability and success – an ability the researchers suggest was limited only by a lack of a hand to use the joystick. If Orwell were alive, would he be working on “Animal Arcade”?

A team of astronomers have confirmed a planetoid that is almost four times farther from the Sun than Pluto, making it the most distant object ever observed in our solar system, and making it deserving of the nickname “Farfarout.” If it’s determined to be a former moon of a planet, would that make it the ‘lunatic fringe’?

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