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Strange and Mysterious Photographs: The UFO Phenomenon, Part 2

As I said yesterday: "Today's article is a bit different to most of my articles. This one is a 2-part feature that is focused on controversial photographs in relation to the UFO mystery. As to why it's a bit different, it's because there's not a UFO in sight. Rather, the pictures I'm going to talk about are from very different angles. You'll see what I mean." Indeed, you will. The second-part revolves around photos taken during an alleged alien autopsy - or more than one. It's a story I was put onto by U.K.-based ufologist Jenny Randles. In 1997 I interviewed Jenny regarding a strange series of events she found herself in, back in late 1986 (you can find the full story in Jenny’s From Out of the Blue book). It was a very curious saga involving allegedly classified documents, dead aliens, crashed flying saucers, and much more. It all began in October 1986, when Randles came into contact with a man who had then recently left his employment with the British Army. According to the man, he had in his possession a large stash of still-classified material on UFOs that he had acquired under very controversial circumstances.

The story that "Robert" told was as remarkable as it was inflammatory. Roughly a year or so earlier, an American individual, employed by the U.S. military and working at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio, came across the computerized files while engaged in repairing one particular system at the base. And we’re not talking about just a few pages of material. According to what Robert told Randles and ufologist Peter Hough, the number of pages was huge. The man allegedly printed around six hundred pages of material, which wasn’t even anywhere near the overall total. It turns out that – allegedly – the man in question was friends with Robert’s commanding-officer in the British Army; the two having met on an exchange-program. Fearful about what he had got himself into, the computer-specialist gave the hundreds of pages of material on those aforementioned crashed saucers and alien autopsies to the CO. From there, they reached Robert.

One of the papers referenced the autopsy of a strange body. Randles also said: "There was a lot of material about Roswell, including photographs of the UFO and of the aliens. One of the most detailed files was an autopsy report – that ran close to 200 pages in length – of the bodies recovered from the Roswell crash. Robert remembered the name of the doctor who had written it. It was Dr. Frederick Hauser, a name I’d never seen connected with UFOs in any way whatsoever. Robert said that there was a very detailed account that was mostly filled with medical jargon about the autopsy which he didn’t understand, and there was a photograph of this entity with a slit right down the middle from the neck to the navel."

alienautopsy 570x421
A still from the "Alien Autopsy" video

And there was still more to come. Jenny said of those elusive photos: "One of the first things Robert said was that the aliens were very human-looking. He said that the head was completely bald, but the most unusual feature of the face was the nose, which was almost flush into the face, almost unnoticeable. He couldn’t tell from the photographs, but the autopsy report made it clear that the beings were slightly smaller than average human size – about five feet in height." Randles also told me: “Bearing in mind, 1986 was years before the autopsy film [from Ray Santilli] surfaced. In fact, the connections with the autopsy film and with what Robert told me are chillingly similar. One of the impressions that you get from the alien autopsy footage is that the body is very human-like; and is around five foot in height. I have to say it struck me as soon as I saw the footage that this was very similar to what Robert had described.” And, as Ross Condit told me: "Not sure if this will ultimately bear fruit, but I did some internet research and dug up a Captain Frederick V. Hauser who was the CO of the 450th Medical General Dispensary Unit in Vienna in Feb. 1946. He was University of Michigan class of 1940, so the timing is tight but works."

Nick Redfern

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