Feb 08, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

This Man Plans to Send a Flat Earther Into Space to Convince the Rest to Change

Looking for a way to do something good for a fellow human and perhaps for humanity in general without leaving the comfort of your own easy chair? Do you think Flat Earth believers would change their minds if they could see the round Earth with their very own eyes? A man in Scotland has the perfect way for you to do both!

“This campaign is to prove to flat earthers once and for all that the earth is round! It currently takes $250000 to secure a seat on a Virgin Galactic flight to enter the earths orbit.”

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Will this convince them?

Attempting to prove that it’s still possible for one person to change the world – or at least change minds, Marc Gauld, a self-proclaimed ‘annoyed Scot’, showed he’s will put his money – OK, someone else’s money – where his mouth is by starting a GoFundMe campaign to end the thing that annoys him the most … Flat Earthers. Gauld believes that if just one Flat Earther would travel into space and see the curvature of the Earth for themselves, they would then come back to Earth and bring fellow Flat Earthers back to their senses with photographs, videos and the sworn testimony of a former true believer.

“Once the funds are raised I will hold an application process for high ranking flat earthers to enter if they wish to be the first flat earther in space! One lucky flat earther will be chosen for disappointing the rest of the flat earthers. Please get onboard with this as it is in the name of science and it will finally disprove or prove the flat earth theory and we can finally put this to rest!”

All it takes is money – Gauld has already contacted Richard Branson of Virgin Galactic and Elon Musk of SpaceX for prices and schedules for sending civilians into space, and determined that Virgin Galactic has the best of both – assuming COVID allows the flights to happen and he can raise the money. But first, why is Marc Gauld SO annoyed with Flat Earthers?

"I have a couple of friends that are flat earthers and it drives me crazy their total nonsense that they speak. I am not a scientist by any means but I am heavy on reading about space, watching the documentaries, sci fi fan etc I have a massive respect for the scientific community and these guys and the rest of the flat earthers are just in my opinion totally disrespectful and claim they are lying which is totally wrong!


They call astronauts actors who are paid to lie and that boils my blood because these are guys who barely hold down jobs and do nothing so to talk about astronauts like that I don’t know where they get off. I decided to give them the chance to put their money where their mouth is for once and the only way I could do it is by sending a high ranking flat earther into space.”

OK, Marc – no need to make derogatory comments about the work habits of Flat Earthers, especially since he told the Scottish Daily Record that his motivation comes from arguments the oil worker has been having with his fellow oil workers, who he claims are obsessed with “how NASA is a lie machine the list goes on they seem to think that there is deception in everything." So Marc thinks Flat Earthers don’t believe science or NASA or astronauts or the photos and videos of a round Earth – but they’re believe one of their leaders who goes into space and comes back convinced … assuming he or she believes what they’re peering out of is a window and not a video screen of fake shots of a round Earth?

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Is Google lying too?

A ticket to space on a Virgin Galactic ship is currently $250,000, but Marc’s GoFundMe page has both $250,000 and £250,000 ($343,000) listed as the goal. Perhaps he needs the rest of the money for publicity … or protection?

Will a trip into space convince a Flat Earther to inflate their view of the Earth? There’s only one way to find out. Contributions to Marc Gauld’s fundraiser can be made here.

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