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Turkish Monolith, Messenger Python, Martian Traffic Jam and More Mysterious News Briefly — February 9, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — February 9, 2021

Robert Bigelow’s Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies (BICS) announced an overwhelming response of applications to its million-dollar global essay contest to provide evidence of an afterlife. If there’s an afterlife, why do so many people want more money for their current one? (Is that too short for an essay?)

One of the strangest commercials during Super Bowl LV was the ad by SpaceX for Inspiration4, the future civilian mission which is looking for one more civilian. That explains all the people at parties walking around with chicken wings on their chests proclaiming they joined Inspiration4.

The monoliths are back, this time in Turkey where the military police were ordered to stand guard around a monolith which suddenly appeared near the Gobekli Tepe, bearing an inscription in an ancient Turkic language that read, “Look at the sky, see the moon.” Is this the kind of “army days” story you want to brag to your buddies about?

A snake catcher in Logan, Queensland, Australia, caught a long python with what appeared to be the word "KEG" followed by the numbers "7 6 9 1 1" on its back. Is this a sign of what lottery numbers to pick or the snake’s grocery list and address for a party?

Buried deep in its 2020 annual report, Tesla revealed it had bought $1.5 billion of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and would soon accept it as a form of payment for its electric cars. By increasing electricity demands with Bitcoin and electric cars, is this Elon Musk’s secret plan to turn off the lights before he leaves for Mars?

In the span of just a week, the United Arab Emirates’ Amal space probe, China's orbiter-rover combo and NASA's rover will all arrive on Mars or in its orbit. Forget a base – someone needs to build a Martian roundabout.

British citizens are being asked to count the stars they can see in the Orion constellation to help determine if the pandemic lockdown has had an impact on light pollution, giving astronomers a better argument to convince the government that reducing light pollution has a health benefit. Who will pay for the stiff necks caused by counting stars?

For the first time, physicists were able to use quantum mechanics to successfully encode information within a hologram, which is a big step towards upgrading holography from entertainment to more serious applications such as medical imaging. Why not combine both and create The Doctor from Star Trek: Voyager?

A hacker gained access to the water treatment plant in Oldsman, Florida, and increased the level of sodium hydroxide – lye -- in the water to a "dangerous" level before being shut down by an alert operator. Good grief – has 2021 introduced a new way to lye?

The skies over Europe are orange again as a new load of Saharan dust blew in from the African desert. Even Charles Fort would be ho-hum about these mysterious orange skies by now.

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