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Vintage Christmas Gift Caused Terrifying Paranormal Activity for Mississippi Family

Receiving a thoughtful Christmas gift only to open it and have terrifying paranormal activity unleashed into your home sounds like the plot of a horror movie but it was the frightening reality for one Mississippi family.

Whitney Merritt, who lives with her family in the city of Brandon, stated that her mother received a vintage doll carriage from a friend of a friend’s and she decided to wrap it up as a Christmas gift for her granddaughter.

At first, they heard banging sounds coming from the walls of their home as well as in the attic. The bangs were so loud that Whitney thought someone was knocking on her front door but when she opened it, nobody was there. She tried to come up with a logical explanation such as the house settling, but as the activity worsened, they couldn’t ignore it any longer. In fact, at one point, the noises in the attic were so loud that her husband Michael went up to investigate with a shotgun expecting to confront an intruder but nobody was up there. And that was just in the first week...

The second week wasn’t any better as Whitney woke up in the middle of the night by a loud noise and in the morning she found two coffee mugs broken on her kitchen floor. The following night, she again heard a loud bang and found another broken coffee mug on the floor. After sweeping up the broken pieces and going back to bed, she heard what sounded like someone dropping dishes into the sink but when she checked, nothing was in the sink.

Doll Carriage 570x321
(Not the doll carriage mentioned in this article.)

The third week was the worst as the dreamcatcher and lamp in her daughter’s room fell to the floor on numerous occasions. Then the bathroom door slammed shut when nobody was near it. The following day, a toy car began playing music even though the switch was turned off. That same evening, Whitney woke her husband up for work and as she began sweeping the floor, she noticed him walking into the kitchen but when she repeatedly asked him the same question without an answer, she walked into the kitchen and he wasn’t in there. She went back to the bedroom to find him still sleeping. She’s completely convinced of what she saw as she stated, “I saw him.” “I saw— I swear on my kids and I’m not crazy. Please don’t think I’m crazy. Cause repeating this to somebody, I know it sounds weird. Because I’ve never believed in any of that ever in my life. I’m not— But I saw a person walk past the door into the kitchen.”

The next day was their breaking point as Whitney went to get groceries with her daughter while her four-year-old was at the grandparents’ house and the seven-year-old was at school. She received a call from her husband who asked if one of their children was home and she replied that he was in school. Michael explained how he heard the front door as well as their son’s door closing. After hearing knocks on the wall, Michael called his son’s name but received no answer. He noticed that the light in his son’s bedroom was on but when he opened the door, nobody was in the room, but the Xbox was turned on and a water bottle was “actively” dripping onto the floor.

Toy 570x423
A toy car started playing music on its own. (Not the car mentioned in this article.)

Whitney and Michael realized that the unexplained activity started happening after they received the doll carriage so they put it in the garage and they haven’t had any paranormal occurrences since. Then they advertised it for sale for $65 on Facebook Marketplace with the caption stating that it’s “definitely haunted”.

As for the haunted doll carriage, Whitney found out from her mother that the previous owner’s husband had passed away in a motorcycle accident so perhaps that’s who she saw entering her kitchen.

In a text message, Michael wrote, “We both strongly believe there is a spirit attached to that doll buggy.” “With what was going on, there’s no other explanation. It all started with all the knocking and banging on the walls out of nowhere and I knew.”

A picture of the doll carriage can be seen here.

Jocelyne LeBlanc

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