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Yellow Penguin, Bigfoot Arsonist, Edible Holograms and More Mysterious News Briefly — February 19, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — February 19, 2021

A wildlife photographer on an expedition to Antarctica and the South Atlantic was on one of the cold islands of South Georgia when he captured images of what he says are a “never before seen” yellow penguin. Get ready for a new Disney movie.

Times Now news in India reports a 25-year-old Indonesian woman claims a strong wind blew into her house and up her dress and, fifteen minutes later, she gave birth to a 6.4-pound baby girl. Doctors think the woman was already pregnant and didn’t know it, but Chicagoans are nervously closing their Windy City windows.

Archeologists exploring Cloggs Cave in eastern Victoria found a 2,000-year-old grinding stone used to grind Bogong moths to prepare them for eating – making this the first conclusive archaeological evidence of insect food remnants on a stone artifact in the world. What beverage goes best with moths? Probably one with a worm in the bottle.

Researchers in England have developed the first edible holograms, using a solution of corn syrup, vanilla and water to create a, wrote nutrition information on it with non-toxic black dye, hit it with direct laser interference patterning to etch off most of the dye, leaving behind raised, nanoscale lines the diffract light into a 3D rainbow patterned hologram to apply directly on food so customers can’t miss the nutrition information. Unless, of course, the holograms taste so good that they lick them off first.

Siljan Lake in Sweden is the largest meteorite impact crater in Europe and underwater researchers recently discovered 39-million-years-old fossils of fungi that were able to live without oxygen on the deep lake bottom. If fungi came from another planet, we may need to rethink our pizza toppings.

Bigfoot fans were relieved to find out that the Bigfoot in Vermont that was charged with arson after intentionally burning down an apartment building to settle a feud with neighbors and then blaming it on an accident was actually Mark “Bigfoot” Shaw, a regular character on the “Howard Stern Show.” That police lineup should have made both the local and the paranormal news.

The photograph of a strange single footprint found in the snow in New Hampshire and posted on social media was guessed to be everything from a squirrel falling to a bird exiting an underground tunnel to a Chupacabra to a Bigfoot dropping, but the New Hampshire Department of Fish and Game finally identified it as being made by an owl trying to catch a small mammal in the snow. Wood devils aren’t really a popular cryptid, so New Hampshire residents were hoping it was a flying Sasquatch dropping.

Perseverance made it to Mars but things are looking bad for Elon Musk -- new NASA research found that dust storms are causing gravitational waves to emanate from the planet and push what little is left of the Martian atmosphere into space -- making Mars even more inhospitable for humans. Poor Elon – all dressed up and no place to go and become king of a planet.

Things are bad when snow is any color but white, so things must be really bad at the Ukrainian Antarctic Station Akademik Vernadsky where the snow is both red and green at the same time -- the red snow is from the algae Chlamydomonas nivalis protecting itself from ultraviolet radiation, and the green snow is algae that feeds on penguin dropping. Do these colors mean climate change is going to give us Christmas year-round?

Archeologists preparing the grounds near Stonehenge for the upcoming A14 tunnel found a 2,000-year-old millstone decorated with an enhanced phallus (look it up). What were these ancient Roman millers planning to use this flour for – really long noodles?

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