Mar 08, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

A New DIY UFO/UAP Spotting and Tracking Organization

Are you frustrated with the quality of UFO/UAP sightings these days – the lack of details, the blurry photos, etc.? Do you fancy yourself as a Fox Mulder who would like to search for the truth that’s out there … if you only had the time, the training or the financial wherewithal? Good news, friends – you can now take the ‘wanna’ out of your ‘wannabe’ dreams and become part of a worldwide UFO-watching group with do-it-yourself equipment.

“Our mission is straightforward: connect a network of civilian-owned sensor arrays, use machine learning to catalogue anomalous events, and share this data with researchers.”

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Credit: Sky Hub

Sky Hub is the project of Chris Cogswell, host and creator of The Mad Scientist Podcast with a doctorate in chemical engineering and an interest in UFOs, and a team of hardware and software experts with an interest in UFOs. He explained recently to that Sky Hub’s recommended hardware – three do-it-yourself sensor kits based on the Jetson Nano and Jetson Xavier NX computers designed for running multiple neural networks – is in alpha testing and Sky Hub is looking for early adapters to help test them. The sensor or “tracker” kits – which run from $700 to $1400 -- collect high-resolution data and upload it to an eventual worldwide, digital UFO database accessible to the public with Sky Hub's open-source software.

“There are lots of reports of objects in the sky that we don't know how to categorize that I think are interesting and worthy of study."

Sky Hub is not in this for the money – while it sells the enclosure shell and asks for a monthly subscription to maintain the database and software, the rest of the components can be purchased off-the-shelf and it recommends to shop around for the best prices. The Jetson computers are easy to use and Sky Hub’s website has excellent instructions and chat services available for both setup and usage.

“In my opinion, there is something interesting happening here that's worth investigating. You can't deny that there are people who still make reports of UFOs every year. If it's all fake, in my mind, that's almost more interesting. How did something untrue become such a social phenomenon like this?"

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Credit: Sky Hub

Cogswell’s observation is interesting – there hasn’t been such strong interest in UFOs since the late 1950s and early 1960s -- and prescient as well. points out that there are already a number of projects searching for UFOs, plenty of meteor trackers, astronomers and militaries all searching for UFOs and UAPs with far more sophisticated equipment – and those people have logical explanations like space objects, drones, secret test aircraft and the like. However, Cogswell is right – there are a few UFO/UAPs that have defied all explanation attempts … and coverups are indeed as interesting as actual sightings. That sounds like something one has to go to his podcast to discuss.

If nothing else, the Sky Hub do-it-yourself UFO/UAP kit sounds like a great project for riding out the pandemic lockdown.

Paul Seaburn

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