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Alleged Baby Tasmanian Tiger Photos Made Public!

Neil Waters, President of the Thylacine Awareness Group Of Australia, presents three photos of what he believes are thylacines. Neil talks about Nick Mooneys' response and he interviews cat, dog and native wildlife experts. The names of the experts have been withheld to protect them from the ensuing shit storm.

These photos are not fake, this is not a hoax, our experts are real people, not actors. The photos have been lightly treated for colour correction and the subjects' surroundings have been mildly blurred to improve viewing.
Make up your own mind.
Thankyou to the members and followers of TAGOA for their support.

After weathering criticism for a week because he dropped a strong teasing hint that he has at least one conclusive photo of what he believes is a live baby Tasmanian tiger or thylacine with its parents, followed by a strong statement from one of his experts saying that the creature was not a thylacine but a young Pademelon (a small member of the kangaroo family), Neil Waters, founder and President of the Thylacine Awareness Group Of Australia (TAGOA) released a 20 minute video showing three bush cam photos of the alleged baby Thylacine, along with his argument supporting his conclusion and testimonies from veterinarians, wildlife experts and others who either agree with him or at least help him eliminate all of the other possible animals it could be.

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Will this become reality once again?

Watch the video here.

Waters’ announcement was made on the TAGOA Facebook page and on YouTube. Comments on Facebook were supportive until they were disabled, and no comments were allowed on YouTube. The video starts with the first head-on photo, which is fuzzy and admittedly ambiguous. Waters gives his arguments why the creature is not a cat and then superimposes a similar photo of an actual Thylacine over it and the features seem to match well.

Watch the video here.

The second photo is from the rear and better lit. Waters lays out his argument for why this is not a young wallaby, pademelon or any other similar hopping marsupial. In particular, he points out that the head is wider than either of those two creatures. The third photo, however, is the one he’s pitching as his drop-the-mic evidence. This is the photo that shows what appear to be stripes on the back rear of the creature – a straight back with a straight tail that tell him this is not a hopping animal but a quadruped. He compares it to a taxidermied young Thylacine at the Adelaide museum and there is indeed a similarity. He meticulously lists all the reasons why it doesn’t look like a Pademelon. Waters notes that he’s not upset with the Pademleon diagnosis by expert Nick Mooney, since Mooney has helped him many times before – and Waters knows he has other experts who back him up.

Watch the video here.

The experts are then brought in to give their views based on their animal specialties and experiences. He finally gives testimony that the photos have been analyzed and determined to be unaltered in any way.

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Are the days of guilt over the extinction of the thylacine finally over?

Have you looked at the video? (Here’s another chance.) What do you think? In my opinion, had I seen the three photos cold, without hearing what they might be, I would have said that they were ambiguous. Having been told what Waters thinks they are, I would probably have been less doubtful. Having listened to his and the experts explain and review the photos and build the case, I admit I can no longer say it’s NOT a Thylacine. But is it? These photos will certainly raise the interest level in hunting for the Tasmanian tiger – which is a good thing when it comes to funding but bad for the health of the animals, other animals in the area and people in Tasmania. The teaser wasn’t necessary, but Neil Waters has handily built his case on the authenticity of his photos. Kudos to him on all of the work he has put into his search.

Will there be more photos? Will there be physical evidence? Will one be captured? This story is a long way from ending.

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