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Bee Whisperer, Hummingbird Hums, Flying Boats and More Mysterious News Briefly — March 22, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — March 22, 2021

A professional beekeeper in Texas is being called the ‘Bee Whisperer’ after a Tik Tok video went viral of her relocating a hive of bees by carrying them in her hands while wearing no protective gear. “Hold my beer and watch this” said every Asian giant murder hornet in the U.S.

Now that the annual celebration of St. Patrick allegedly removing the snakes from Ireland is over, residents are looking for a new saint to rid them of invasive Chesapeake blue crabs (Callinectes sapidus) – the first of which washed up on a Dublin beach recently. So far, the only one interested is a ‘Saint’ Joe who wants to set up a shack and promised to lead them into a large pot.

The International Astronomical Union has recognized four stars in the night sky over the southern hemisphere by using their Australian Aboriginal names, including three from the Wardaman people -- Larawag, Wurren and Ginan in the Western constellations Scorpius, Phoenix and Crux (the Southern Cross). Before you get upset and demand equal time, they’re not naming any stars ‘Twinkle’.

Just 13 days after a ‘Superior mirage’ illusion of a ship floating above the water was seen off the coast of Cornwall, the cruise ship Anthem of the Seas was spotted hovering in mid-air near Bournemouth Pier off the Dorset coast. The pubs may be closed, but at least Brits can still pretend to be seeing things.

Using 2,000 microphones and high-speed cameras set up around a cage in which six hummingbirds fed on an artificial flower, researchers picked up the sounds produced by the birds to create a 3D acoustic map which helped them explain that their hum is caused by aerodynamic forces produced as the wings move, together with the speed and direction of the wing movements. Hmmm.

A new study on the sensory neurons in human fingers fount that we can detect touch, vibration, pressure, pain and more with just a single fingerprint ridge. Researchers conducting the study are probably glad to be through having people give them the finger.

The first creatures to walk out of the water and onto land to eventually evolve into humans had brains that only filled about half the space in their skulls, according to a new study. Prehistoric human brains probably grew to fill their skulls in order to remember where they left the wheel and the fire starter.

It’s not so merry on Christmas Island where University of Sydney researchers have discovered a bacterium they believe is responsible for the extinction of two island species, Lister’s gecko and the blue-tailed skink, which now only exist in captivity. Now comes the real challenge – training geckos and skinks how to wash their feet.

For spaceships traveling to other stars where distances make it no longer feasible to receive instructions from Earth, astronomer Coryn A.L. Bailer-Jones has demonstrated an autonomous, interstellar space navigation system based on the angular distances between pairs of stars and the velocity of the craft. Insert Captain Picard facepalm here.

Archaeologists excavating the city of Berenice on Egypt’s Red Sea coast found a coin in a well that dried up between 220 and 200 BCE and think this shows the end of Egypt’s great civilizations at about that time were caused by a series of major volcanic eruptions, possibly on the other side of the world, that triggered a severe drought. Does this mean all of the old Cleopatra movies have to be rewritten or pulled from cable TV?

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