Mar 02, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

China Denies It’s Building a Time Tunnel — Does That Mean It Is?

When a superpower makes a special effort to deny it is doing something, it’s generally a safe bet that it is – even if what it’s accused of sounds impossible. That was the case in China recently when the government issued a strong denial that it is working with a company to develop a “space-time tunnel” and the business plan and PowerPoint presented at a meeting and leaked to the public contained a “clerical error” that caused the confusion. Uh-oh.

“The founders developed and designed a space-time tunnel generation experimental device based on the research of “On Time”. The device can distort time and space, control the flow rate of time, break through the barrier of time and space, and can be widely used for time travel, interstellar voyage, life extension, etc. .”


“The project plans to select a location in China, and lease an area of about 16 acres to build a scientific experiment base. It is expected that the device will be able to successfully shuttle the space-time experiment 7-12 months after the funds are in place.”

construction 1486741 1920 640x358
What will it look like?

6Park News leaked the translated contents of a business plan for raising about $31 million for the “Space-time Tunnel Generation Experimental Device” project – a joint project between The Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of High Energy Physics and Shanxi Ruitai Technology Development Technology Co., Ltd. ... a project that the plan estimates will be worth at least $800 billion when operational. The PowerPoint presentation was obtained by The Paper Journalist and linked to Guo Weiwei, the chairman of Ruitai Technology, who claimed he has “a research and development team composed of well-known experts and academicians” from the government institute and that Nobel Laureate Gao Kun and other experts “recognized and praised” the device. He describes the technology in the plan:

“This theory created the media that can propagate the cosmic energy field—time particles and time strings. It was discovered that by controlling the electromagnetic field, the curvature and distribution of the time string can be changed, thereby affecting the effect of the cosmic energy field on things and making the things The relative change in the speed of time elapses. When it is considered that the time string is acted on by controlling the electromagnetic field, the time string is twisted and broken, until a time and space wormhole is formed, that is, a’time and space tunnel’.”

Once the plan was made public, it spread quickly, prompting this response from the Chinese Academy of Sciences' Institute of High Energy Physics:

“It is not true that our institute and the 'Shanxi Ruitai Technology' mentioned in the article Development Technology Co., Ltd. and its personnel have not had any contact or cooperation, and our firm will not bear any legal responsibility for any losses caused by its false propaganda.”

The Paper Journalist then did some digging. There is a Gao Kun who is a researcher in geophysics at Princeton, but he has no connection with the project. Nor does actual Nobel Laureate in physics Charles Kuen Kao (Gao Kun in Pinyin) who died in 2018. Ruitai Technology exists – it was founding on December 31, 2020 – but the company issued its own statement blaming the confusion on the financing platform, Tourongjie, which "mistakenly created the presentation."

6Park News did its own due diligence and discovered that Guo Weiwei has a degree in mathematics and worked at the Xiaoyi Science and Technology Bureau for 11 years until the start of 2020. It also found a blog with “several “Minke” articles” (note: “minke” whales are dark, so this may be implying dark web articles) on time travel that seem to match the concepts in the PowerPoint presentation and business plan.

time tunnel 1744874 1920 640x335
Why is the tile always checkerboard?

So, was the business plan and PowerPoint on Space-time Tunnel Generation Experimental Device a hoax? Ruitai Technology merely said the presentation was made by mistake by a financing platform – it didn’t deny anything else. Was this an actual leak that embarrassed and possibly frightened the Chinese government into quickly issuing a denial? If this was indeed a “mistake” by a financing platform, that might explain the absurdity of the $31 million (a pittance) request for funds. Maybe it was $31 billion … or trillion? The “seven month” timeframe seems strange as well … unless this is just the time needed to finish an already-developed project.

Would you trust the Chinese government to tell the truth about a time machine? The U.S. or Russian government? ANY government?

Stranger things have been leaked and denied.

Paul Seaburn

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