Mar 05, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

Chupacabra Blamed for Four Separate Livestock Killing Sprees at One Ranch in Mexico

In just three months, there have been three unexplained livestock killings in Russia, Chile and Silicon Valley that have been linked to the infamous blood-sucking cryptid known as the Chupacabra. In those same three months, there have been FOUR separate instances of unexplained livestock killings at a single ranch in Mexico. Are we seeing a Chupacabra uprising? Has the creature left Puerto Rico and moved to Mexico as its new home base?

“An unusual episode took place at the Santa Lucía ranch, located in the Mexican state of Veracruz. The owners report that a "strange creature" mutilated a large part of their livestock. According to local media, goats and sheep were found dead with surprising wounds that do not respond to the usual predators in the area.” (Google translation)

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Banging their heads against each other trying to come up with an answer?

Imagen del Golfo (Gulf Image) reports that the Rancho Santa Lucía (Santa Lucia Ranch) in Los Robles, a town in the municipality of Medellin de Bravo in the state of Veracruz on the Gulf of Mexico, has lost a total of 18 goats and sheep to a mysterious predator on December 25, December 28, January 12 and February 21. Whatever killed them did it with bites to the neck, snout and legs, but did not eat the flesh nor carry the carcasses away. That doesn’t match the behavior of the usual suspects – lynx, coyotes, dogs, bats and other goat-loving creatures living in the area. Local veterinarians could not match the bites to any known animals either. (Graphic photos here.) That left …

“According to the beliefs of the locals and once the possibilities have been ruled out, they now fear that the attacks have been perpetrated by a creature that cryptozoology describes as “nahuales” or “Chupacabra.””

It’s interesting that the Chupacabra has slowly moved in and taken the place of nahuales as the creature of choice to blame when nothing else fits the bill or teeth marks. Nahuale tales are told by the indigenous Tének culture which believed the nahual or nagual to be a shapeshifting human who obtained the ability through a pact with the devil or local magicians or shamans. Their favorite shapeshifting forms are dog, owl, bat, wolf or turkey (really!) and they’re said to drink blood and occasionally attack humans. Since the bite marks matched none of those, Chupacabra pops up next, since no one knows what their bite marks look like – only that they enjoy dining on the blood of goats, sheep, other livestock, pets and sometimes humans.

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Heading out of town until they catch the Chupacabra?

“The foreman of the place alerted the authorities in search of a halt to the attacks, which they believe could have him as a victim.”

As reported in Notife, the Santa Lucía ranch foreman notified the Los Robles police, but they seem to be at a loss as well. While the attacks have all been at one ranch, the surrounding area is said to be vast, and there are no footprints or other clues to help narrow down the search.

Logic would say this is a lone coyote or dog with a penchant for killing and an attraction to the easy pickings at Rancho Santa Lucía – even though the vets say no. Desperate ranchers and terrified locals can easily believe it’s an invasive cryptid – even though the skeptics say no.

What do you think?

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