Mar 06, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield Reports UFO Sighting

It’s tough for professional football players to get any attention during the off-season – outside of in the police blotter. It’s even tougher if you play at the same position as suck-all-of-the-air-out-of-the-room Tom Brady, MVP quarterback of the Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However, Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield, no slouch himself at the position (full disclosure – this writer is a lifelong Browns fan), managed to make the national mainstream news without breaking any laws. In a recent tweet, Mayfield revealed that he and his wife witnessed a UFO near their home in Texas. Are extraterrestrials Browns fans too?

“Almost 100%, Em and I just saw a UFO drop straight out of the sky on our way home from dinner... we stopped and looked at each other and asked if either of us saw it...”

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Did they see something?

Em is Emily Mayfield, Baker’s wife, and their home is near Lake Travis in Austin, Texas. Lake Travis is a popular recreational lake, but not known for UFO sightings. Mayfield should know – he was born in the city of Lake Travis and led the Lake Travis High School Cavaliers football team to a state championship – no small feat in football-crazy Texas. Baker and Emily have been married since 2019. The tweet continued:

“Very bright ball of light going straight down out of the sky towards Lake Travis. Anybody else witness this?”

The Mayfields were driving home the evening of March 3rd when they saw their UFO. Baker doesn’t give any additional information on direction, speed, any unusual movements, what they drank with dinner, etc. The UFO sighting was enough to stop the normally unstoppable quarterback, and, like when he checks to see if anyone else saw the holding penalty, asked his wife if she saw it too.

“I won’t lie... I’m typically not someone who buys into UFO talk. But all I know is... I saw something tonight that I have never seen. And I’m a little thrown off.”

A “very bright ball of light going straight down” sounds like a meteor, a rocket or missile launch, or an unusual but conventional aircraft. There were no reports of meteors that night and the launch and fiery landing of the rocket test at the SpaceX facility in Brownsville (350 miles from Austin) was earlier in the day. Texas is home to numerous military bases, but the media didn’t get any positives from the government. If it was something else, Mayfield wouldn’t be the first American football player to report a UFO (there have been plenty of soccer football players and fans who have seen them). In 2016, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers revealed in an interview that he, his brother and friend saw one in 2005 in New Jersey.

“It was a large orange, left-to-right-moving object. Because of the overcast nature of the night and the snow, you couldn’t make out—it was kind of behind the clouds we were seeing, but it was definitively large, moving from left to right.”

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Its a UFO!

That doesn’t sound anything like the Mayfields’ fireball, and Baker isn’t the kind of player to pull a fake … at least not off the field. So, what did he and his wife see in the sky over Lake Austin?

Let’s hope it was something that helps the Browns get to the Super Bowl soon.

Paul Seaburn

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