Mar 07, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

Cyclist Records UFO While on Hard Ride High on a Venezuelan Mountain

Plenty of people spot UFOs while driving, Many see them while walking their dogs. Both of those are activities that offer opportunities to glance at the sky. That’s generally not the case with serious cyclists, who need to watch the pavement for potholes, the road for cars and other bikers, and the space in front of their faces for bugs and birds. Fortunately, a serious cyclist in Venezuela known as Belgabike (you’ll find out why shortly) tired while biking up a Venezuelan mountain and stopped to take some photos of fellow cyclists – some of whom had a daytime UFO over their head. What’s more, this isn’t the first time Belgabike has seen "things" on this mountain. Time to grease up your old Huffy and go UFO hunting?

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Stop before you look for UFOs.

“I was riding my bicycle, about 7 km from the summit of La Culata, before a sector called La Caña, ending Alto Viento. I stopped because I was tired and took the opportunity to take some photos of a group of more than 40 cyclists with whom I was going, then I continued my route, but at no time did I see anything strange."

Pascal Mullebrouck told Ovnis de Venezuela (UFOs of Venezula) he was riding in an area known as Páramo La Culata in the city of Mérida located in the center of the Venezuelan Andes – the perfect place for this 59-year-old Belgian cyclist to pursue the lifelong mountain biking passion that has earned him the nickname Belgabike. The day was February 28, the time was about 10 am and the Belgabike was beat, so he stopped and took some photos. While he has seen “things” on this mountain, he didn’t see any on that day … until he got home and looked at his photographs.

“For me it was a great surprise and the worst thing is that, I almost deleted that photo."

Fortunately Pascal didn’t delete it – instead he posted the photo on social media, where it was picked up by Ovnis de Venezuela, which got the facts from Belgabike and posted the original photo, a maximum magnification and a negative image of it, showing the UFO’s tilted saucer shape. (See it here.)

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You have to spin outdoors to see UFOs.

The strange object could be a balloon or a drone, but Pascal says he’s seen plenty of strange "things" on that mountain while climbing and descending the 1.6 km (5,349 feet) altitude -- most people would see strange things peddling to that height, but Mullebrouck’s various social media pages show he’s in pretty good shape for 59. He also seems smart enough not to speculate on what exactly his UFO might be, preferring to let others ponder the pic in puzzlement.

However, with the attention he’s getting because of it, Pascal Mullebrouck will probably be photographing more “strange” things and could soon be known as BelgaUFO. That’s Bel-Gah-you-eff-oh, not Bell goof-oh!

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