Mar 29, 2021 I Jocelyne LeBlanc

Jayne Mansfield Allegedly Haunted Her Former “Pink Palace”

Jayne Mansfield was an American actress who became quite famous in the 1950s and 1960s while performing in several movies. Unfortunately her life was cut short on June 29, 1967 when she was involved in a fatal car crash while on her way to a television interview. She was just 34 years old.

She was famous while she was alive and it seemed as though she still wanted her presence known after death because her spirit was rumored to have haunted her “Pink Palace” Los Angeles mansion. Since the color pink was Mansfield’s signature color, she had her 7-bedroom, 8-bathroom mansion painted in that color.

After the fatal crash that took her young life, she allegedly continued to spend time at the mansion as several owners had reported experiencing unexplained events and even seeing her ghost. One experience was shared by Mansfield’s personal maid who said that Jayne’s son would often communicate with his deceased mother.

Pink Palace 570x338
Jayne Mansfield’s Pink Palace.

When Beatles member Ringo Starr moved into the mansion, he attempted to re-paint the house white on numerous occasions but the pink color kept seeping back through the new coats. Another famous resident of the home was singer Engelbert Humperdinck who claimed to have often smelled the actress’ rose petal perfume as well as seeing her spirit wearing a long black dress and standing directly in front of him. He called in a Catholic priest to bless the house and he never saw the former owner’s ghost again.

Numerous workers refused to stay in the house – plumbers witnessed objects moving on their own; a painter was touched on the shoulder; and servants heard unexplained moans.

The Pink Palace ended up getting demolished in 2002 and there haven’t been any reports of Mansfield’s ghost anywhere on the property.

Another twist to the story was that she may have been the victim of a curse caused by Satanist Anton LaVey from the Church of Satan. LaVey apparently didn’t like Mansfield’s boyfriend at the time, Sam Brody, so he put a curse on him and told him that he’d be dead within a year. Despite LaVey warning Mansfield to stay away from Brody, she kept on spending time with him and they were involved in several car crashes with the last one proving fatal which had many people speculating that she was a victim of LaVey’s curse.

Jayne Mansfield1 570x628
Jayne Mansfield with Steve Cochran and Ed Wynne.

The curse may have continued on in the house as the 18-year-old son of the new owners died in a car crash when he took Mansfield’s pink car out for a drive. Then singer Cass Elliott bought the mansion and died of a heart attack while in London. Another owner felt compelled to make herself look like Mansfield by dying her hair platinum blonde, wearing Jayne’s clothes, and collecting memorabilia related to the late actress, but she quickly moved out after hearing a disembodied voice telling her to “Get out”.

Pictures of Jayne Mansfield and her Pink Palace can be seen here.

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