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Killer Rooster, Icy Crop Circles, Screaming Tomatoes and More Mysterious News Briefly — March 1, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — March 1, 2021

Even crop circle makers are impressed with two Canadian guys in Debert, Nova Scotia, who created an elaborate, field-worthy ice circle on a frozen lake – using a homemade compass, made out of a broken shovel and some rope, and 10,000 careful steps from each guy. It’s probably driving the fish in the lake crazy wondering if someone slipped LSD in their water.

Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC) unveiled plans for its Voyager Station, a commercial space station operating with artificial gravity and a capacity for 400 people that the company expects to begin building in 2025. The artificial gravity comes from rotation, so future passengers would be wise to spend the next five years training on amusement park rides.

If you’re tired of stumbling around in the dark and you’re tired of your old tattoos, you can solve both problems with a new ‘smart tattoo’ from Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (Italian Institute of Technology) equipped with organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). This just moved past snoring on the list of ‘Ways to keep your spouse awake’.

For those worried about being cornered by one of those headless dog robots from Boston Dynamics – possible one armed with a gun, the manual shows that the battery pack, located in its belly, can be removed easily once the robot dog is on its back. You get Spot to roll on its back by saying “Who’s a good robot? Who’s a good robot?”.

NASA researchers studying satellite images of in Arctic Siberia can’t figure out why the land on both sides of the Markha River ripple with alternating dark and light stripes visible in all four seasons. Is it a clever Russian government ploy to distract them from looking for leaking nuclear plants?

A fighting rooster will appear in court in India as evidence in the murder of its owner, who was killed at an illegal cockfight when the three-inch blade on the rooster’s leg stabbed him in the groin and he bled to death. If it’s convicted, watch for the story to be depicted in a hip new movie called “The Bird, Man, of Alcatraz.”

If, like many people of a certain age, you spent hours staring at the infamous, cloud-filled Windows XP background, a researcher who felt your pain finally discovered the exact sloped green hill where it was taken -- across the street from an alpaca farm and Highway 12 in Sonoma, California. The alpacas keep waiting for the hill to blue-screen.

If you’ve ever wondered why you never hear tomatoes crying for help, you need to get out more … and read a study by researchers at Penn State who discovered that the saliva of the tomato fruit worm caterpillar drugs the plants so they can’t cry for help while the worm eats their leaves and tomatoes. This may also explain why you only hear the bacon and lettuce when you bite into your BLT.

Your right hand may not know what your left is doing, but a new study found that the octopus has no trouble with its eight arms because each can sense and respond to light independent of its eyes. Pity the poor teen octopuses who have to deal with moms who seem to have eyes in the back of their heads AND on their arms.

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation confirmed that alligators seen frozen in the ice covering lakes during the recent cold snap are actually native to the state and were probably young alligators who hadn’t yet learned how to poke their snouts through the ice safely. Oklahoma gators learn … sooner or later.

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