Mar 17, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

Mysterious Stories of 9/11 Reincarnations in Young Children

September 11, 2001, is a date that will forever be burned in the minds of those who watched on television as the twin World Trade Center towers collapsed in flames and rubble after terrorists flew planes into them. “9/11” has become the shorthand for the day that causes people to ask, “Where were you on 9/11?” For a growing number of young children who were not born until years later, the answer is “In the building as they collapsed.” Is 9/11 becoming a mass reincarnation event in young children?

Unilad recently shared the story of Riss White, who responded to a TikTok video request for reincarnation stories with details of what happened when her daughter, who was four at the time (2018), looked over her shoulder at some pre-9/11 photos of the North Tower and said, “Hey mom, I used to work there." A strange thing to say, but White was shocked by the girl’s follow-up:

“She said that one day she was working and the floor got really hot. So she stood on her desk because the floor was too hot. And she said that her and her friends were trying to get through the door but they couldn’t open the door so she jumped out of the window and flew like a bird.”

White swears the girl had never seen the photos before or heard of 9/11 to her knowledge. While she gives no other details and Unilad has nothing on whether the girl has been examined by past lives experts or psychologists, a quick Internet search found that her daughter is not alone among young children who say things that make their parents wonder if they are reincarnations of people who died on 9/11.

“I don’t just want to be a firefighter, I have always been and already am a firefighter! I used to get up in the morning, go to work and in the evenings I would come home and take off my fire proximity suit.”

The “Reincarnation After Death?” website has a number of similar stories, like the one of Rachel Nolan, whose 4-year-old son Thomas who had been talking about 9/11 for a year before sharing the strange revelation of being a firefighter in a “proximity suit” – how does a 4-year-old know what that is? He described a Ford Johnson R8 truck – the exact model of the truck used by the firefighters in Manhattan. She remarked that Thomas spoke of the event with confidence. Another 4-year-old looked at a pre-9/11 WTC photo, pointed to a window where he said he had worked and remarked, “Mom, I’m still buried there,” along with allegedly giving her other unverified details of the day.

Then there’s 3-year-old "Cade," whose much publicized story contains details of claims to have lived and died on 9/11 as Robert E. Pattison – a real victim who worked on the 110th floor of one building. Further investigations found more contradictions than similarities between Cade’s descriptions and the real Robert Pattison – does that mean Cade made all of it up or that reincarnation does not create exact copies of traumatic memories of death?

“If you have got one where the children have made numerous statements about another life that is quite some distance away, including proper names and everything else, and it all checks out, then unless you are going to say, ‘It’s all one heck of a coincidence,’ you can’t really just blame all of that on fantasy.”

Unilad referenced a blog post by Jim Tucker, medical director of the Child and Family Psychiatric Clinic at the University of Virginia, who counsels the parents of children who say things that sound like they’ve lived other lives before this one.

Are these cases of real reincarnation of 9/11 victims or parents trying to get their children 15 minutes of fame? Do you believe that the more cases that pop up, the less likely they can be tossed off as coincidences? Does that fact that the children are at ages (around 4) where detailed accounts such as these are highly unusual? If it[‘s not reincarnation, what is it?

A psychological study of these children would certainly be helpful for both them, us and the families of the victims. Then again, if reincarnation really does exist, should the person who is the vessel have a choice in whether they have contact with their ‘former’ family and friends?

What do you think?

Paul Seaburn

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