Mar 23, 2021 I Nick Redfern

When Just About All of the UFO Contactees Were Secretly Spied On

Having taken a look at the FBI's files on both George Adamski and George Van Tassel, I thought I would share with you the reasons why some of the other "Contactees" of the 1950s and 1960s were carefully watched by government agencies. We'll begin with yet another FBI file on a certain friend of the Space Brothers. The man: George Hunt Williamson. It’s intriguing to note that the primary reason why Williamson had a file on him was because he was suspected of smuggling ancient artifacts over the Mexico border and into the United States. Something like that is all but guaranteed to ensure a file will be opened on you. For a while the FBI deeply pondered on whether or not they should get further involved in the pursuit of a potential crime that had occurred outside of its jurisdiction and in another country – Mexico – but finally dropped the matter; rather fortunately, it must be said, for Williamson. There is one particularly curious aspect of this particular affair: a number of the relevant documents are heavily censored according to category 1 of the Freedom of Information Act. Notably, 1 covers nothing less than matters that may have a potential effect on US national security. That strongly suggests there was something about Williamson that we still don't know of to this very day.

Then, there's the FBI file on Truman Bethurum, the man who, in the early 1950s, claimed to have met (on more than a few occasions) with a hot alien babe known as "Aura Rhanes." As for why the FBI took so much interest in the Bethurum, the answer is very simple. The government was already keeping tabs on Bethurum, for one particularly interesting reason: he had made certain statements linking his experiences with Aura Rhanes to matters of a communist nature. In Bethurum’s own words: "Two or three fellows who had sons in Korea and who read a lot in the newspapers about the Communist underground in this country, were convinced in their own minds that I was, if making contact with anyone at all, making it with enemy agents. They even went so far as to tell me belligerently that they intended to get guns and follow me nights, and if they caught up me having intercourse with any people from planes, airships of any kind, they’d blast me and those people too." And, as an amusing aside, it also led the FBI to refer Aura Rhanes in its files as a "ravishing woman commandant"! Even the Bureau, it seems, was infected by Aura’s intergalactic hotness!

Aura Rhanes 1954
Aura Rhanes, the alien who got Truman Bethurum's blood-pressure in a dangerously high state!

George King’s Aetherius Society, which was also very much Contactee-driven from the late-1950s onward, was the subject of a secret file created by an arm of the U.K. police force called Special Branch. That file is now in the public domain, thanks to the terms of the U.K.’s Freedom of Information Act. The file does not show that Special Branch was worried about alien encounters. Rather, the papers demonstrate that Special Branch was concerned by the fact that the Aetherius Society was allying itself with the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, which was created in 1the 1950s. Special Branch certainly viewed King as, in their words, a "crank." Special Branch  came to quickly realize that King was highly motivated when it came to getting the word out regarding his views on nuclear weapons and the Russians. That alone was certainly a matter of deep concern to the authorities. The surveillance, hardly surprisingly, continued at a steady and secret pace. A Special Branch document from 1959 provides the following on the Aetherius Society: "It crusades for the suspension of the H-bomb tests and supports the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. It took part in what became known as the 1958 Aldermaston March and holds public meetings from time to time. One was held on 23rd August 1959 when 200 persons formed a ‘quiet, amused’ audience. It was covered by Special Branch." Special Branch eventually discontinued its surveillance of the Aetherius Society. The strange affair was finally over.

George King's biggest nightmare: a nuclear war

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