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Bigfoot Reward, Giant Blobs, Singing Robots and More Mysterious News Briefly — April 5, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — April 5, 2021

After testing testes from dogs in the UK, Denmark and Finland, scientists at the University of Nottingham found that where a dog lives directly affects its reproductive abilities, with proximity to pollution being the major cause of reduced reproduction. Second is living close to a vet who gives free neutering.

The reward for capturing a live Bigfoot in Oklahoma is now over $2.1 million after a politician submitted a bill in January to make Bigfoot hunting legal in the state. No one cares that the odds of winning the lottery are better.

A new study found that indigenous people on the Pacific coast of South America carry pieces of ancestral Australian DNA that came not from Australians who crossed the ocean directly to South America but from ancient coupling events between the ancestors of the first Americans and the ancestors of Australasians whose descendants migrated to northeast Asia and had some contact with ancient Siberian and Beringians who then crossed the Bering Land Bridge. If we’re all related, those Facebook birthday notices are going to be overwhelming.

Art painted by Sophia, the world’s most human-like robot, sold at an auction for $688,888, so now she’s working on creating music, complete with lyrics. Look for her on “America’s Robotics Labs Got Talent.”

Those mysterious giant (3-foot-wide) jelly-like orbs seen by divers off the western coast of Norway since 1985 have finally been explained – they’re the rarely-seen egg sacs of the Illex coindetii squid and are filled with hundreds of thousand of tiny eggs floating in a bubble of slowly disintegrating mucus. We saw Bubbles of Mucus open for Sons of Leon.

An ultra-high-resolution simulation of the universe in the first trillionths of a second after the Big Bang shows particles a million times smaller than protons that may be the first structures to ever exist – structures that may have collapsed under their own weight and formed the first black holes. This is what happens when your universe has no building codes.

No surprise here – new research found that people prefer female robots because they are perceived as more human than male robots, showing traits of emotion, warmth, experience, and trustworthiness. Female robots see this as a sign that they’re going to get paid less than male robots.

The wreck of the USS Johnston — a destroyer sunk during the WWII Battle of Leyte Gulf — has been confirmed found in the Pacific more than 20,000 feet below surface, making it the deepest shipwreck ever discovered. No, the Navy will not help you find your keys.

An amazing dolphin stampede made up of 1,000 dolphins was seen and recorded last week by tourists on a charter boat off Dana Point in Orange County, California. Even more amazing – people were seen on a charter boat.

Denver Riggleman, the former U.S. congressman who became famous for writing Bigfoot porn (which he denies), is now using Bigfoot to bring attention to conspiracy theories and that got him coverage in The New York Times. Does this legitimize Riggleman or Bigfoot?

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