Amy Stamatis of Little Rock, Arkansas, was living a perfectly normal and content life, and there was nothing that was on the surface strange about her. She had a loving husband, a happy family life, a nice home, and she loved her job as a medflight nurse. There was no reason to suspect she had any problems, and to those who knew her she was completely normal. It was for this reason that neighbors, friends, and family would be shocked when one day in November of 2006, Amy went up to the second story of her house, sat on the window sill in a sort of trance, and jumped. The fall would crush her spine in several places to leave her permanently paralyzed from the waist down, and oddly it would be found that the nature of her injuries showed that she had in no way braced for the impact, as would be the normal instinct. As doctors struggled to try and do what they could, people were whispering about why she would have wanted to jump out the window and attempt suicide. Yet, Amy surprised everyone when she insisted that this had not been a suicide attempt, but rather that she had been compelled to do what she had done by dark demonic forces.

According to Stamatis, it had all started some months before the incident. One day as she was just going about her normal household chores her thoughts were intruded upon by a voice in her head. The voice was loud and clear, startling in its clarity, in fact, as if someone were standing right beside her, and it whispered into her ear horrible things. The voice would come and go, usually saying obscene things and at times urging her to kill herself, as well as putting “dark thoughts” into her head. In addition, she would sometimes go into a sort of daze in which her thoughts became a confused jumble, putting her into a sort of waking dream state. This strange phenomenon had first happened one day while she was on the job. She had just finished tending to a patient at the Baptist Health Medical Center, in Little Rock, when her mind was suddenly made fuzzy by a fog of confusion that came out of nowhere to fully overtake her. She had then wandered about the hospital, not able to recognize where she was or why she was there, and when she snapped out of it, she was sent home for the day to rest. These mental fogs would begin to increase in frequency, and when they descended upon her she would forget what she was doing, find herself unable to walk straight, do even the simplest of chores, and sometimes even forget her own name, as if her mind had been temporarily wiped.

These bouts of confusion and the voice in her head made her begin to suspect that she was losing her mind or having some sort of mental breakdown. She confided in her husband about it, but told no one else, afraid that people would think she was crazy. They visited several psychiatric hospitals, but no one could figure out what was wrong with her, and even as doctors sent her home saying there was no problem her mental state had been deteriorating. Her behavior became erratic and odd, with her sometimes blurting out inappropriate things or flying into sudden rages, shouting at friends, family, and coworkers. During one family gathering she had stripped off her clothes and run around ranting, After this incident she was brought to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for a second opinion on her mental health, and wile she was there she broke free from the staff and ran to an 8th floor window where she threatened to jump, before coming out of her trance with no memory of what had happened or why she had been at that window. Not long after this, she had jumped from that window of her own home in a similar trance.

In light of this new information, doctors diagnosed her with a rare condition called porphyria, in which a chemical imbalance causes bouts of mental confusion and seizures, as well as dysfunction of the nervous system, but not everyone was so convinced. While she was recovering in the hospital, Amy was visited by a mysterious woman named Cindy Lawson, a self-professed faith healer who claimed that she knew what was really going on, and that was demons. According to Lawson, Amy was under attack by demonic forces that were making a play to possess her, and as she told the injured woman this, Amy allegedly snarled in a voice not her own to say “Why are you here?” Lawson would later say:

The Lord spoke to me and told me to go to the hospital to cast the demons out of her. I could feel something churning. I could see the demons. If most people knew it was a demon possession thing, they would seek out that help. But it's so hard to convince people that is what is going on.

Lawson, who had performed 10 exorcisms in her life, went about holding an impromptu exorcism on the spot. She anointed Amy’s forehead with oil and issued a prayer and command for the demonic forces to leave her. After this, Amy’s mental state returned to normal, the voices stopped, as did the episodes of confusion, but unfortunately, she would never again regain the ability to walk. How could she so suddenly be affected by all of this, only to have it leave as abruptly as it came after that exorcism? Why would a perfectly happy woman with no history of mental health issues suddenly be overcome by these episodes and then throw herself from the window? Was this a passing mental breakdown or is there something more to it? While the official cause is basically temporary insanity, Amy Stamatis herself believes that she was really being held under siege by demons, and has said of this:

In the medical world, they need to put a name to it. They don’t understand because they have never dealt with these types of demons. So how are they going to fight against something that you don’t know how to fight, that you don’t understand? As a nurse, I would not have believed this if it didn’t happen to me. I’d say, ‘That doesn’t happen today,’ which is a lie. I lived it.

What was going on with this woman? Why would she toss herself from that roof to paralyze herself and what is the meaning of all of her strange experiences? Is this just the ramblings of a troubled mind, or is it perhaps indicative of sinister paranormal forces? She has continued to insist that this is all real and that she was overcome by demons, leaving us to wonder. It is a strange mystery that we may never truly understand, and we can only speculate.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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